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Warranty Gunsmith


CZ-USA, in Kansas City, Kansas, is seeking to hire a Warranty Gunsmith.  The responsibility of a Warranty Gunsmith is to ensure firearms function safely using their knowledge to confirm there are no unsafe mechanical problems.  Warranty Gunsmiths also spend a substantial amount of time in a customer service role, working closely with our customers on the phone and through email to meet their needs.  The position generally requires work Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  CZ-USA offers competitive pay and benefits including health, dental, vision, 401k, and vacation.


Employment Requirements:

Essential Job Functions:

Physical Requirements & Working Conditions:  The following are the physical requirements of this position, which all workers filling the position must be able to do or withstand each day:

The worker is subject to atmospheric conditions: One or more of the following conditions that affect the respiratory system of the skin: Fumes, odors, dusts, mists, or gases.

Interested applicants should email their resume and/or application to resume@cz-usa.com.

CZ-USA is an equal opportunity employer.

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