CZ 2075 Rami

CZ 2075 RAMI B – 9mm
(low capacity)


The RAMI is a alloy-framed sub-compact based on the 75, ideal for concealed carry.

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Product Description

The CZ 2075 RAMI is a sub-compact semi-automatic based on the proven CZ 75 line of pistols. Just like the 75, the RAMI is double action/single action, allowing it to be carried in different conditions depending on the shooter’s preferences. Several safety devices are used including a firing pin block and a manual safety. Incorporating the CZ double-stack magazine design, the little RAMI ships with a 10 round flush-mount magazine and 14 round extended magazine in the 9mm Luger version, or 7 and 9 round magazines in .40 S&W. A low capacity-compliant version of the 9mm is available with two 10 round magazines. With a 3” barrel and an unloaded weight of less than 26 ounces, the black polycoat, alloy-framed RAMI is ideal for concealed carry.


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    Great Handgun!

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    Acquired my CCW permit a few months ago. After my vetting process purchased a ‘K’ CW40. After shooting ‘that’ pistol @ the gun club… realized I really wanted a High End / Double-Single Action Hammer Fired / Quick Reset Trigger / Non-Polly Plastic weapon….more vetting and found the RAMI 2075 9mm w/ manual safety. COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED: Shoots were I point it (and I am not that good of a shot. Felt recoil is minimal so I can keep on target during rapid shooting exercise. After researching CZ’s quality standards I am 100% sure this pistol should last me a lifetime but most importantly confident that it will be 100% DEPENDABLE ‘if’ an ‘event’ should ever happen. Heck the CZ RAMI 2075 is NICE LOOKING as well. Yes, I paid list price for it (supply and demand)but I got what I needed and wanted…HARD TO FIND so I recommend when or if you do find one BUY IT!!!

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    Great little handgun. I was looking for something that was small but still had some substance to it. I also did not want any plastic or polymer which narrowed down my choices very quickly. I picked up everything in several local gun shops that i could find that looked like it might be a good carry gun so I could make a reliable comparison.
    The first thing I noticed when handling the Rami 9mm was that it actually fit my hand and felt good. Not exactly like a full size semi-auto but really close. I knew fit would be an important factor for me in how well I shot and how often I would shoot it. For reference I am a 6ft 1″ guy with medium sized hands. I bought the cz Rami 4 years ago and this is what I think about the gun.
    I added an after market magazine extension to catch my floating pinky finger and suddenly it felt like a custom fit hand grip. It feels very natural in my hand and I don’t have to force it to point where I want it to. The perceived recoil is very minimal, especially for a handgun in the compact to subcompact class. The recoil issue is handled by the Rami so nicely I suppose because its not made of plastic. This makes my follow up shots very quick and very accurate. It also gets me to the range more often because I actually like shooting this gun. Add reliable to its characteristics as it has never had a failure to fire in 4 years. My one other recommendation, other than the pinky extension, is get a good quality holster. One of the reasons it shoots so well is due to its weight, it needs support when carried. Do not go cheap after paying good hard earned money for the gun. I found a holster maker and had one custom made at a reasonable price (less than $75). Now it shoots like a dream and carries like a dream. You can spend hundreds of dollars on “over the counter” holsters trying find the “one”. I spent just a little more initially and it paid off big.
    With a military background it was really a departure from my experiences there to be able to choose which gun I carry. I took my time and was very picky. I love the fit, I love the finish details on the CZ Rami 2075, it is very well made, looks good and its surface coating is tough as nails. I really like the double / single action and the option to carry cocked and locked if I desire. This was money well spent.

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