CZ 2075 Rami BD

CZ 2075 RAMI BD – 9mm


The BD version of the RAMI incorporates a de-cocker and tritium combat sights.

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Product Description

The CZ 2075 RAMI BD is a decocking version of the classic RAMI design available only in 9mm Luger. The BD RAMI gives the user a decocking lever to lower the hammer for a double action first shot and single action thereafter. The BD RAMI also includes a set of tritium 3-dot combat night sights.

The RAMI BD 9mm is shipped with one 10 round flush-fitting magazine and one 14 round extended magazine or a low-capacity compliant version with two 10 round magazines.


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    If polymer is not your thing; but, a real deal sub compact is your needs, buy this pistol without hesitation. This pistol shot just as accurate as any other sub compact I have ever shot. The weight is nicely balanced and conceals with total ease. The sights line up effortlessly and I cannot say more about the ducktale/beaver tail when it comes to having a high grip. Grip angle was perfect coming from the 1911 world.

    My first 3 mags were a little spotty (all my fault). After that, I felt like Robinhood shooting bad guy targets at 30ft. I haven’t taken it out to 25yrds yet since I never shoot my sub compacts that far; but, I imagine it would still be on par.

    – Just as accurate as anything else out there for me
    – comfort only matched by sub compact 1911’s
    – price/value is the best I have ever seen
    – great sights
    – easy concealment
    – lives up to the advertisement

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    love the de-cocker its small holds lots of shells and 300 yards a hit. now I can keep my p-95 in home gun and carry this.

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