CZ USA CZ 452 Scout

CZ 452 Scout, .22 LR


The CZ 452 Scout rifle is a compact rifle intended for young shooters.

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Product Description

The Scout is a compact rimfire rifle with a 12″ length of pull for young shooters. Its shortened dimensions, reduced weight and single round loading device make it a perfect first rifle for any boy or girl. The single round loading device helps teach ammo conservation and marksmanship. The rifle features adjustable open sights and an 11mm dovetail groove for mounting optics. Rifles are delivered with a single-shot adapter, although any of the .22 LR CZ 452 magazines will fit the Scout (5 or 10 round) and are available separately.



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    Grandson won a CZ Scout at a week-long shooting camp for kids. They shoot rifles / shotguns /pistol / bows. They stay in tents and are taught safety and the proper way to use and clean firearms. They had a drawing at the end of the week and many kids won rifles to take home. Grandson picked out the CZ and we still have it. It’s safe enough for him to shoot with the shot adapter. He runs alot of ammo through that Scout and he loves it! It`s his very first gun! You can`t hurt it! It`s one of the better made 22 rifles I have seen. I would buy a CZ gun after seeing how well it`s made and shoots!

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    I picked this little guy up on the 18th, and took it out today for the first time. I cannot say enough good things about this rifle! I own a 527 carbine, and that rifle really sold me on CZ bolts. I’m 6’3″, and wanted a little camping/plinking/walk around fun gun, so I bought this. It’s much more rifle than I thought it would be! It’s built like a tank, beefy action,and bolt. The trigger is heavy, but the break is like glass! It feeds rounds so well,(5 round mag ordered before I got the rifle) that you cannot feel closing the bolt on an empty chamber. I actually like the sights that it comes with,I can hit cans at 50 yards with them with ease! Just a GREAT little rifle, that makes for a great adult plinker!

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    What a great little .22! CZ quality, attention to detail and accuracy out of the box are impressive. I have a CZ 452 (left handed) in 17 HMR that is a tack driver. I cannot say how many bushy tails have fallen to this gun. My son looked at several competing products and Clark Brothers Guns (Warrenton, VA) saved the CZ Scout for last. My son picked it up and loved the feel of it. The knowledgable staff at Clark Brothers (several of the guys swear by their CZ’s) assured my son that CZ makes a dynamite, accurate gun. That couldn’t have been more on target. CZ makes an excellent product that is fair priced and their attention to detail is fantastic.

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    I originally bought this for my wife, who is quite small in stature. Then I fell in love with it. It hits that sweet spot in price/performance where the owner gets terrific value. It’s very well made. It’s quite accurate. It’s a ton of fun to shoot. It would make an excellent backpack or light survival rifle. Others have noted that it’s a fine first kids rifle. Personally, I’d have been over the moon to have had this as a kid. But as an adult I had the muzzle threaded for a GemTech Alpine suppressor and have the best varmint getter ever. If more American shooters knew how good this little gun is they’d be out of stock everywhere.

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    My CZ Scout is my favorite and most accurate rifle in my inventory including center fires. I have an Anschutz.22 rifle and a German Veore rifle in .22 caliber with a double set trigger neither of which will shoot nearly as well as my Scout. Am 72 but with cataract surgery in my shooting eye. 9.5 years ago, I shot a 5 shot group @ 100 yards with an inexpensive $20.00 4X Chi-Com scope. One flyer (my fault) but 4 of the shots @ .3 inch with Eley’s best ammo. It also likes CCI standard velocity and Remington sub-sonic but almost always MOA with virtually any fodder @ 100 yards! Have since re-scoped it with a 2×6 small scope and will sight it in tomorrow.

    My forthcoming grandson or granddaughter will end up owning it !

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