CZ 452 Special Military Training Rifle – .22 LR

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Discontinued 2013 – CZ 452 Special Military Training Rifle Cal .22 LR, 5-round magazine, beechwood – Limited supply of beechwood stock version of the popular CZ 452.


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    I have just purchased a model 452 training rifle. I took it to the range last week and shot it from a bench rest position at 50 yards. I fired five rounds at a 9/16″ square and put all five shots in 1/2 of the square target. It took up one-half the space of a dime. This is just out of the box with a scope mounted on it. Great rifle.

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    I have been using one of these rifles for a couple of years now with my Australian Air Force Cadet squadron. Then this Christmas I was so excited when my mother bought me one for Christmas. This is a good rifle for teaching beginner shooters, or for the experienced shooter wanting to shoot a few cans or do a bit of low cost pest control. This rifle never ceases to impress me whenever use it and I know what ever I am aiming at with have a bit of a hole in it when I pull the trigger. This is a really beautiful and surprisingly durable rifle. A huge credit to those at CZ for creating a great little firearm.

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