CZ USA CZ 452 Ultra Lux

CZ 452 Ultra Lux, .22 LR


28.5″ bbl,  Beech wood-stocked version of the Lux

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Product Description

The CZ 452 Ultra Lux is a beechwood version of the CZ 452 Lux. The Ultra Lux has a 28” barrel for more precise shooting with the factory equipped CZ tangent sights. The beechwood stock is offered on this model to bring our customers the same quality you expect from CZ-USA at a lower price. A 10 round magazine is included.


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    The best .22 you will ever own. I have 2 – one .22 Mag and .22 LR.

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    I just got an Ultra Lux. It was dead on out of the box. I was shooting little fragments of clay pigeons and hitting them nearly every shot. This was at about 143 yds. per the Swarovski laser range finder I used. I couldn’t be happier with an out-of-the-box .22 LR bolt-action rifle. I will be looking for more. I had a lot of fun, and it wasn’t at all expense. It totally outshoots my tricked-out 10-22, along with two 10-22 rifles with the TSI label. This must be one of the best 22s available. Got it at Scheels in Reno.

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    This is a fantastic bolt action rifle. Bolt is nice and tight through it’s slide action. Not wobbling around as all the American rifles in this price range. Accuracy is great. Sights are very clean and give an unobstructed view. The stock fits right to your shoulder comfortably while looking through sights. My research and not wanting to settle, paid off greatly. This is a great rifle. Thank You.

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    Great gun I shot a sub one inch group at 100 yards using CCi velocitor . At fifty yards sub 1100 fps high
    end ammo works best but does gun is honest it will shoot as well as the ammo you but in it.

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    Wonderful rifle. I looked at 22 rifles for a very long time and finally selected this one. I could not be happier. EXCELLENT gun!

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    I have several very good .22 rifles. My CZ 452 Ultra Lux is by far the most accurate of the bunch!

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    I bought my new Ultra Lux in February of 2014 with the hopes of finally finding a high quality, accurate, open sight, squirrel hunting rifle. Long story short, the rifle is what I hoped I would get. I am not the worlds greatest shot, and usually shoot the cheap bulk stuff for hunting and with this rifle I can still get a 5 shot group you can usually cover with a quarter at 50 yards. More than accurate enough for my needs. I think with quality ammunition, scoped, and in the hands of someone who knows how to shoot this rifle is probably a 1 ragged hole gun at 50 yards. What really impressed me was the accuracy of elevation notches on the rear sight. The first time I shot the rifle I was with my father and noticed a rabbit sized piece of pvc pipe about 200 meters away. I thought what the heck, rested the rifle on top of a wooden fence post, adjusted the rear sight to the 200 meter setting, took aim and fired. I was shocked when I hit it. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke I took another shot. The results were the same. My only knock on the rifle (and I am really splitting hairs here) is the trigger. I wish it was just a hair lighter. It is still a very nice trigger. No take up, creep, and it breaks like glass, but when shooting off hand at a squirrel at 50 yards a lighter trigger would make the shot just a little easier. That said, the trigger is still better than any American made rim-fire trigger I have ever fired. This is an excellent rifle. You could spend a lot more and end up with a lot less.

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    WOW! Stumbled onto this jewel by accident. Was looking to get a 10-22 takedown, found a review on this 452 ultra lux and got to researching this rifle. You can’t go wrong with this gun if you can live with the overall length for your application. Real fun to shoot with open sights. Hits where you aim it; period. Uncanny how 28″ barrel suppresses sound even when using high velocity ammo. No longer need a 10-22 so I am looking at a fnh ps90 for same application I would use a 10-22 take down. If you are in the market for a 22 that will smoke the others, get this one.

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    I was at an NRA qualifying shoot for rimfire at my range and my old Winchester 77 firing pin broke. A friend loaned me his CZ 453 and I fell in love. I began the search for my CZ and I found it in Sacramento CA. I bought the Ultra Lux. I put a Leupold 3X9X40 on just because with my progressive lenses I was not able to use the stock sights. I dialed in the sights and found the Eley match 40gr. was a favorite and in no time I am hitting a dime at 50 yards over and over. At 100 yards I can easily place a dozen rounds in a one inch hole. CCI was not a friend with this rifle. All my other rimfires liked CCI but not the Ultra Lux. A Ferrari likes premium fuel so there you go. Another CZ happy camper!

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    I have owned several of the 452`s, including the .17 Mach2, HMR & .22. I still have both the .17 cals. and love both. The Mach2 is my favorite, seems to do nearly everything the HMR will do, and with equal accuracy and considerably less ammo expense. Shame the shooting public rejected this round; it is vastly underrated. I have custom-stocked many of these rifles, with upgraded wood and bottom metal, and they make splendid personal guns. Bottom line: No better value in rimfires out there!

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    I have my 452 Ultra Lux for about 5 years now and it is still my favorite firearm. When I go to the range to shoot my 9mm 226 sig, .22 226 Sig or the Ruger GP100, the CZ ALLWAYS comes along. I mounted a 3-12 Leupold scope on it and it became even MORE accurate. At 25 yards (indoor range) you can put all rounds in a quarter. If you don’t, then it’s the ammo or … me but definitely not the 452. You can NOT find another .22 this great. Great stock, fine metal finish and smooth action. 5 stars for CZ firearms!

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