CZ USA CZ 455 American

CZ 455 American, .22 LR


New for 2013 with a black synthetic stock.  The 455 is the newest generation of the CZ bolt action rimfires.

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Product Description

The CZ 455 is the latest generation of the CZ bolt action rimfire.  The 455 model will eventually consolidate all of the receivers currently used in the 452 line into one common platform.  This combined with the new interchangeable barrel system of the CZ 455 will allow the user to easily change the stock configuration as well as the caliber of the rifle. The 455 retains the accuracy and quality of the adjustable trigger, hammer forged barrel and billet machined receiver from the CZ 452.  Improvements that the 455 brings include new manufacturing technology and tighter tolerances for improved accuracy and smoother operation.

The CZ 455 American Combo Package is now available from CZ-USA. The package features the new CZ 455 in .22LR and a .17 HMR barrel along with everything you need to make the caliber change. The CZ 455 eliminates the need to spend the extra expense on a second rifle when you want to add another quality shooter to your rimfire battery.

The 455 models feature an integral 11mm dovetail for scope mounting and a 5-round magazine.



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    I just purchased this rifle for hunter class smallbore silhouette shooting. The first session at the range I zeroed the rifle at 50 yards with match ammunition. The rifle shoots a 5 shot group into 1/2 inch without difficulty. The action is smooth, feeding from the magazine is reliable. At just over 400 dollars the rifle is a steal.

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    I recently bought a CZ 455 American rifle (in 22 caliber only). I have a 4 power Nikon Prostaff Rimfire scope on the rifle. At 25 yards, 5 shots “in one dime sized hole” is fairly easy, even with 71 year old eyes. That is as far as I can shoot at the New Jersey indoor range I use.
    Along with my 2 CZ 452 American 22 caliber rifles, the new 455 American shoots like Annie Oakley, or her husband, Frank Butler, were shooting them. The 455 is well made, has classic sporter lines and shoots like a dream. (I am going to buy another one very soon)

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    I purchased my 455 American 22LR with a 2×7 Redfield mounted and boresighted. First shot hit outer edge of bull ring at 3 o’clock, the next 24 shots obliterated the bull ring, all at 50 yds. I am a CZ fan forever.

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    This is an heirloom quality firearm that you definitely want to keep in the family. With sub-MOA accuracy, this one is a keeper. Beautiful wood on this firearm, the checkering is exquisite and the craftsmanship is excellent. The bolt is tight and the operation is smooth and precise. No regrets here !!

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