CZ USA CZ 455 American Synthetic Suppressor-Ready

CZ 455 American Synthetic Suppressor-Ready, .22 LR


With a 16.5″ barrel and 1/2×28 threads, this 455 is a great host for a suppressor.

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Product Description

Perfect for quiet plinking, the 455 American Suppressor-Ready has a 16.5” barrel that is threaded at the factory to fit muzzle devices and suppressors with 1/2”x28 threads. Its black synthetic stock has a soft-touch finish and is patterned in the American style with a high, flat comb intended for use with a scope.


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    Fired off the bench at 100 yards yesterday, with four .22LR loads, a Redfield Battlezone TAC 22 scope, and both with & without a Silencerco Sparrow suppressor mounted.
    A GREAT shooter!

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    I really like this rifle; it is a fine machine with nothing it doesn’t need, and everything it has is done well.

    I like the synthetic stock, and not having to worry about banging up a wood one.

    I put on a Leupold 3-9×33 ultralight scope (10 oz) with high 11mm rings, my first really good scope, which makes a lightweight, accurate package. I may have gotten by with medium height rings, but wouldn’t know without trying, and that would have reduced the clearance of the bolt to the scope.

    The choice was between this and the Ruger and Savage bolt actions with threaded barrel, and they are all well thought of, but there were small things about the others I wasn’t so thrilled with, so this won in the end and I’m very pleased with it.

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