CZ USA CZ 455 Varmint

CZ 455 Varmint, .17 HMR


The heavy-barreled version of the 455.

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Product Description

In addition to the advantages gained by the interchangeable barrel system of the 455 platform, the 455 Varmint features a heavier, stiffer barrel than its predecessors in the 452 and 453 lines. The 20.5” long, .866” diameter cylindrical barrel gives the 455 varmint an accuracy advantage across the wide variety of rimfire loads available today.

Any of the accessory barrels available for the 455 platform, including the American and Lux (open sights), as well as other varmint-weight barrels in .22 LR, .22 WMR or .17 HMR can be easily swapped out due to the larger universal barrel channel of the Varmint model. A 5 round magazine is included.


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    One word describes this rifle, superb! Purchased in fall of 2013, If you’re looking for top notch quality .17 hmr to add to your collection this is the one for you. Not a lot of reviews out there on this one but I decided to try one and glad I did. Beautiful walnut stock, very nice metal work, solid bolt with precision machining, heavy barrel, and great balance. All you need to do is add a scope, zero it, and you will be shooting dime size groups at 100 yards in no time (used .17 hornady v-max poly tip). Nothing else out there that compares to this caliber of rifle, thank you CZ for keeping high quality craftsmanship a top priority! Andrew from Minnesota.

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    I have had this rifle for about a year and it is awesome!!! excellent 100 yard accuracy (dime size groups) I mounted a Leupold 4x12x40 adj. obj. optics, perfect combo! I own four different 17hmr rifles and this one is hands down my favorite!!

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    own a cz 455 varminter thumbhole heavy barrel, although a little heavy for a hunting rifle, it is worth the effort for shooting small game at long range. With cci stinger .22 can tip bugs bunnies butt at 180/200 m. takes a little practice but do able. With Hornady ,17HMR, poly tip, bugsy is toast at 200/250. i have a 50mm nikkon Nighteater scope which helps for detail at that range. I enjoy testing the limits of this brilliant rimfire, and for the price range would look no further.

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    My dad bought this rifle with the set trigger in the spring of 2013. This is probably the finest varmint rifle I have ever shot. Dad felt so bad for outshooting me every time we went squirrel hunting that he bought me one with the adjustable trigger. It just got here yesterday. These rifles will drive tacks at 100+ yards, they make everything else look and feel like junk. Thank you CZ!

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    I’ve had this gun for about 8 years now put a sweet 17 scope on it. shooting Hornady 17gr. With no wind you can get a 4″-5″ pattern at 300 which is incredible. At 100 I can shoot the primer out of a empty 17 rem case. Not to mention what it does to prairie dogs just a beautiful gun.

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