CZ USA CZ 527 Carbine

CZ 527 Carbine, .223 Rem., 5 Rd. Mag


The 527 Carbine is a compact rifle with iron sights available in .223 and 7.62×39.

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Product Description

The Carbine is an intermediate range ‘brush gun.’ This handy rifle features open sights, a straight comb walnut stock and weighs less than 6 pounds! It’s the only model in the CZ family of bolt action rifles that is chambered for the popular 7.62×39. This cartridge is a top pick for younger shooters for its low recoil and effectiveness on medium sized game such as deer or wild boar out to 200 yards. Both cartridges offered in the 527 Carbine model are economical to shoot given their service rifle heritage.

Built to CIP specifications, our 7.62×39 chambers are ideal for shooting steel-cased surplus ammo. Designed to shoot .311 bullets, some American brass ammo may not perform as well as the imported steel-cased variety because of SAAMI brass dimensions and varying bullet diameters.


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    I have owned a CZ 7:62×39 for several years and used it on a ranch in Texas. It is light, accurate and I have killed several deer with surplus soft point ammo. Great gun for women and children as it doesn’t kick. I find myself carrying in in my Jeep because it is so light and handy with the short barrel. I put a 4 power Redfield scope on it. I have never lost a deer with it. It is not my regular hunting rifle but I always seem to have it with me.

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    I have had my 527 in 7.62 x 39 for about five years now. I was surprised to read on your website today that it was spec’d for .311 bullets. I have always shot .308 american manufactured ammo in it and accuracy has always been spectacular for such a light handy rifle. I can easily shoot a 2.5 in. group at 175 yards with this rifle and ammo noted above. Very surprised I don’t see more of them around. They are an excellent rifle and about as cheap shooting as you can get sans reloading. Good job CZ. Thanks for a great poduct. I will have to get some .311 bullets and see if the accuracy gets even better.

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    I have had this rifle for about five years and I have scoped this rifle and can hold quarter size groups at 100 yds with hand loads it has saved me when my .243 let me down I have shot one buck at 50 yards offhand between the eyes and my son shot his first deer at about 100yds and first coyote at about 75 yds money well spent trust that!

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