CZ USA CZ 550 Carbine Composite

CZ 550 Composite Carbine, 9.3X62


An extremely versatile, reliable rifle meant to adapt to a variety of hunting needs.

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Product Description

The 550 Carbine is a versatile platform that adapts easily to the variety of hunting methods and locations the traveling hunter is exposed to when pursuing species across the globe. With its 20.5” barrel, it is compact enough to easily maneuver in a blind or hop out of a safari vehicle. The American-pattern Aramid composite stock is ultra stable, with a full-length aluminum bedding block.

While it is designed to be used primarily with optics, it is equipped with adjustable back-up iron sights as well. If the scope should be damaged, you find yourself in thick cover or are hunting close fast-moving game, the short sight radius of the 20.6” barrel helps you get on target quickly.


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