CZ 550 FS, .308 Win.


Stocked in a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher with steel muzzle cap and 3-position safety.

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Product Description

The CZ 550 FS features a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher stock, steel muzzle cap and a 3-position safety. This safety is unique in the CZ line to the FS and Carbine Composite models. It locks the bolt and is on ‘safe’ when fully to the rear, remains on ‘safe’ with the bolt unlocked for unloading in the mid position and is ready to fire with the bolt unlocked in the forward position.

While the aesthetics of this model remind us of rifles from times gone by, with its short 20.5″ barrel, fast handling stock and iron sights, it is even today perhaps the most appropriate configuration for quick shots required when hunting in dense cover.


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    I bought this carbine as a back-up to a heavier caliber rifle. After the 2nd day of lugging a safari grade 375HH at 13# I decided to grab this little light weight. EZ to carry made for a more comfortable day. But would it take down Plains game? My chance came when nice Kudu gave me a 210 yd downhill shot, using a Sierra 165gr Gameking, the Kudu ran about 20 yds and dropped. If you hunt in brush or heavy cover this is the gun you want.

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    Love this rifle. Have always liked the classic full stock/iron sight combination. I hunt in thick areas and the short length of this rifle makes it easy to move along trails. Works great in the tree stand also, with excellent accuracy and quick handling. Sling it over my back when riding my ATV, and it doesn’t catch on vines, etc. Don’t even bother to use the set trigger-the standard one is perfect. My favorite rifle in a great all around caliber.

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