CZ 550 FS, 6.5 X 55


Stocked in a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher with steel muzzle cap and 3-position safety.

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Product Description

The CZ 550 FS features a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher stock, steel muzzle cap and a 3-position safety. This safety is unique in the CZ line to the FS and Carbine Composite models. It locks the bolt and is on ‘safe’ when fully to the rear, remains on ‘safe’ with the bolt unlocked for unloading in the mid position and is ready to fire with the bolt unlocked in the forward position.

While the aesthetics of this model remind us of rifles from times gone by, with its short 20.5″ barrel, fast handling stock and iron sights, it is even today perhaps the most appropriate configuration for quick shots required when hunting in dense cover.


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    I own two other other CZ550’s besides my recently purchased CZ550FS, they are both CZ550 American’s in 6.5x55mm and 9.3x62mm. Sweet rifles both. However, when I saw a CZ550FS in 6.5x55mm caliber at a local Fort Worth sporting gun store I was smitten. When I handled it I was reminded more a carbine lever action with the its liveliness in my hands. Have not placed a scope on it yet but at 80 yards with open sights I’m getting groups in the 1.5 to 2 inch range. I’m quite certain once a I mount a scope on it the groups will get much smaller. As for the trigger, it’s the best non-custom factory trigger there is. Unlike a lot of domestic rifles with their “lawyer proof” triggers there will be no trip to the gunsmith to get the trigger tweaked. The trigger on all my CZ550’s have been perfect out of the box. For the money you get a lot of rifle when you purchase a CZ550. That’s why I own three of them. A CZ550, any CZ550 is a fantastic value. This new 6.5x55mm full stock rifle may eventually have a bigger brother next to it in the gun safe in the guise of a 9.3x62mmm…

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    I bought my CZ 550FS 6.5x55mm about two years ago. It’s a very accurate gun. I was drawn to the full wood stock… beautiful gun. I use it for Whitetail in the northeast. Taken 2 deer and a coyote so far. My longest shot was just under 100 yds down the side of a steep drop-off. Unfortunately I don’t think I will ever use the caliber to its full capacity in the northeast. I’m very happy with the gun. It is a bit heavy, if that kind of thing bothers you…. I’m more like a dog in a hubcap factory when I’m hunting so I don’t even think about it until I get out of the woods. So there you have it… beautiful gun, accurate, and will be a nice gun to pass down thru generations… Thanks CZ.

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    I purchased my 550fs 6.5 x55 about one month ago. It is well made and nicely finished. It is very nicely balanced and shoots well with open sight. I was able to shoot a 1.75 inch 3 shoot group at 80 yards with the first 3 rounds down the barrel. I have now mounted a 2-7x Kales scope with detachable mounts. I am anxious to shoot the firearm with the scope but have decided to wait for a raised cheek pad for the stock that I have ordered. I think I have found a rifle I will enjoy. Thanks.

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    I purchased my CZ FS in 6.5×55 a couple of years ago. It is my favorite whitetail rifle. Here in the South the factory 6.5 ammo is more than adequate for our deer and this rifle shoots a 1/2 minute of angle at a 100 yards with any ammo all day long ! It’s a little heavy but it sure is looker with that Turkish walnut stock.

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    Purchased my CZ FS 6.5×55 after owner said was wood was to nice to shoot so he traded it in. It is very accurate with iron sights (no scope yet). This is my third CZ. This compliments my CZ mod 4 target rifle and my Brno CZ 21H in 7×57. Waiting for a 9.3.

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    Mounted a Vortex 3x-9x Diamondback scope on my CZ550FS in 6.5x55mm caliber. Sub-MOA and it’s fun to “chase” the thumb tacks” holding the target up at 100-yards with it. It’s that accurate, which makes this full stock weapon even more remarkable. Handles like the .30-30 lever action I started deer hunting with four decades ago. Very lively handling 300-yard effective range substitute for any lever action .30-30 carbine. One is not even conscience of handling it when when hunting. This little carbine becomes a steel and wood extension of your body. The CZ550FS is a delightful companion in the deer woods.

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    My CZ 550FS in 6.5 Swede is the most naturally pointing and shooting rifle I have ever owned, thanks to the classic Bavarian stock with more drop than the modern American norm. With my stiff ‘old paratrooper’ neck (I like to shoot with my head a bit higher than when I was younger) I can bring it to my shoulder with my eyes closed, and when I open I am looking right down the sights.
    Very comfortable to shoot (I am 5′ 11″ medium build with longish arms) and the stock shape handles recoil well; easy to see why this rifle is popular in 30-06 and 9.3x62mm. The hooded front sight with barrel mounted adjustable leaf is fast to acquire and does not interfere with scope mounting; hood is easily removed for those who prefer an open blade.
    Although I bought this rifle primarily for open sight shooting, it’s so accurate — my first 3-shot group at 20 meters off the bench, barrel not yet broken in, was a cloverleaf — that a scope makes sense for longer shots or poor light. I purchased Alaskan steel QD low mounts (superb mounts) from CZ to attach a Leupold Ultralight 2.5×20; this combination is perfect for my all-around deer rifle needs; fast to remove for open sight use. The rifle still shoulders well with good cheek weld thanks to the ‘hogback’ shape and subtle cheek piece.
    As others have written above, the single set trigger is fantastic. Mine needed no adjustment; glass rod ~2lb break when set and a nice clean hunter take-up and break with normal mode.
    Love this rifle. Thinking about buying a CZ 422FS .22LR as a trainer/plinker.

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