CZ 550 FS, 9.3 X 62


Stocked in a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher with steel muzzle cap and 3-position safety.

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Product Description

The CZ 550 FS features a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher stock, steel muzzle cap and a 3-position safety. This safety is unique in the CZ line to the FS and Carbine Composite models. It locks the bolt and is on ‘safe’ when fully to the rear, remains on ‘safe’ with the bolt unlocked for unloading in the mid position and is ready to fire with the bolt unlocked in the forward position.

While the aesthetics of this model remind us of rifles from times gone by, with its short 20.5″ barrel, fast handling stock and iron sights, it is even today perhaps the most appropriate configuration for quick shots required when hunting in dense cover.


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    Love the rifle in the 9.3x62mm going to buy another cz550. I took it to the range and at 50 yds the group was touching it was an indoor range that was the farthest ive shot so far in till i go home to WI. Then i can play a bit more with reloads and factory loads to find good groups for hunting.

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    Got this rifle in 9.3 X 62 at an estate sale. It did not appear to have been fired much. I use it with the mechanical sights and find it plenty accurate. From a bench I can get 1 to 1 – 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards using either factory ammo or handloads. On occasion I can hit desired point of impact. Its more about me than the rifle. I would buy another CZ550FS as I find it reliable and appealing.

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    I purchased this rifle a couple of years ago. It’s become my favorite rifle for moose and bear. While the 9.3X62mm might seem like a bit much for deer. Myself and my wife used it to harvest our deer last year. There was almost zero meat damage and the deer dropped where they stood. Mounted with a Leupold VXR Ilum 2×7 scope it is quick and well balanced. Shooting my moose load using Woodleigh weld core bullets the rifle shoots 1 to 1-1/2 inch groups at 100yds and opens up to 2-1/4 inches at two hundred yards. I am sure it would shoot better with younger eyes and a little more bullet/load experimentation. However that kind of accuracy is all I require for my hunting. My only complaint is that I wish I had this rifle 45 years ago when I was young enough to use it more.

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