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CZ 550 Magnum H.E.T. II, .338 Lapua


A re-imagining of our original H.E.T., the H.E.T. II brings a whole lot more to the table without a jump in price.

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Product Description

More than just a facelift, the High Energy Tactical has undergone a full redesign. Starting with a 550 Magnum action from the Czech Republic, our custom gunsmiths in the US sculpt a precision long range platform guaranteed sub-MOA. The new H.E.T. II rides in a carbon fiber composite stock from Manners’ tactical series, with adjustable cheekpiece and molded-in midnight camo. Industry-standard Accuracy International magazines are secured to the chassis by custom Badger Ordnance bottom metal, and a low-mount Picatinny rail makes fitting optics a breeze. To melt away the .338 Lapua’s recoil, a Badger Ordinance FTE muzzle brake runs point. QD sling flush cups abound.


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    My review is limited to second hand information. I was shooting with some Marine buddies at a private range a few weekends ago. Not long range; 100 yards or so. I met these marvelous men through the Wounded Warrior program. We now shoot together at my Rocky Mountain Vintagers side by side shotgun club. We were shooting the Model 750 .308 and it was impressive, even in mild wind and light rain. My groups were in the one inch range even though it was the first time I shot the rifle. Then my Marine pals started sharing experiences shooting CZ sniper rifles in .338 Lapua caliber. I assume that the rifles were the HET II or the earlier version. In any event, the anecdotes showed the .338 Lapua to be an extraordinarily accurate rifle, capable of long range accuracy for unpleasant purposes easily out to 1,000 yards. Indeed, the rifles were so reliable that the variable that really mattered was the quality of the optics. I hope to test the Badlands and or the HET in the near future. I will write a detailed personal account.

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