CZ 612 HC-P 12 Gauge, 20″ Barrel, Ghost Ring Sights


With the HC-P (Horde Control- Pump), you won’t be under-gunned when zombie hordes fill the streets.

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Product Description

This fun pump shotgun features a full-length pistol grip stock and ghost ring sights with glow fiber dots for fast zombie target acquisition. The 20-inch barrel and full-length pump forend make it an excellent home defense gun as well. The barrel accepts CZ choke tubes and ships with one cylinder choke.


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    This was the first shotgun I bought new. I’ve had a handful of used shotguns I’ve acquired and repaired, so I was happy to get a new item for once. I will readily admit I got this because the shop was out of more recognizable brands, and I wasn’t sure about what I was getting here. For the price though, I was willing to experiment.
    Out of the box, I tore it down straight away. Completely disassembled out of habit. No issues with the mechanism and relatively easy to take down and reassemble. I will note the manual really doesn’t instruct on full breakdown, I understand that your average zombie prepper might not have the attention span, but an owner should be familiar with their equipment.
    Once i reassembled and lubed the weapon, ran a few snapcaps through it. Stout trigger, which is my preference, and smooth action. Very nice. To the range for live fire, and this little beast is a joy to fire. Kicks like you’d expect, but it’s a 12g so yeah. Passed different loads including rubber riot, steel shot, slug, and because I but silly things and want my range guys to hate me, a thundershock shell. Loud, but no real projectile. It handled it all without issue. Not that I really anticipated much, pump action for simplicity.
    My only issue came a few days after the range, I was showing the weapon to an idiot friend who went for the one handed action movie pump. Tossed the barrel straight out, brazing for the barrel ring popped right off. Re brazing was a failure, and I wasn’t willing to buy a new barrel, but I pulled a fastener tightened barrel ring/accessory clamp off another website, and have had no problems.
    I’ve babied this thing since. Custom coated, inexpensive (totally unnecessary) but reliable dot sight, accessory light, waiting to get chokes. Generally full mall ninja.
    For the money, for the fun, just for a shot slinger to take to the range, this is worth it.

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