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CZ 75 B Ω (omega)

CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) – 9mm
(low capacity)


This lower-capacity version of the 75 B Ω makes it available to those in states with magazine limits.

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Product Description

The CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) features a simpler, more robust version of the 75’s trigger system. The interlocking design of the trigger mechanism’s parts allows for easy disassembly and reassembly without the need for tools, so taking the pistol down beyond a basic field strip is much easier than on a standard 75. Not only does this simplify maintenance, the trigger parts themselves are made of different materials, enhancing durability, operation life and reliability.

This model is retrofitted to be compliant for purchase in states with capacity limits. It is shipped with two 10-round magazines.


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    My son and I left the gun shop and headed for the woods. This pistol is outstanding! The trigger is amazing and at 15 yards the accuracy was superb.
    The ergonomics and handling is just right and the thumb safety is easy to manipulate.
    This pistol can be concealed easily despite its size, not as thick as my Glock 19.

  2. :

    After doing all the research, I wasn’t surprised by the performance of this pistol, its what I expected AWESOME !!!
    After owning it for 9 months and shooting so many rounds I’ve lost count, its fired flawlessly, worked perfectly and
    is very accurate.

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    I purchased my first CZ75 while stationed in Europe in 1984 through the Bamburg Rod and Gun Club (military). After purchasing and using the weapon I purchased 4 more because they were 185.00$ each and were a real value. The CZ75 is without a doubt the most dependable, accurate, robust, handgun I have ever owned. I still have my original CZ75 and intend to pass it down.

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    The CZ75b is the most accurate pistols l have owned!l have a stainless in 9 and polycoat in 40. I compared them to my sig 226&229 and my glock 22. Shooting my reloads and federal factory ammo. My CZs out shot them!! Federal or reloads! I want a CZ 85 or a CZ75 omega now!

  5. :

    Just purchased the cz 75 b omega took it to the
    Range and shot 50 rounds the acuracy was impressive
    I kept moving the target out further and I did not disappoint
    The gun fits like a glove I couldn’t be happier !

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