CZ 75 B Ω (omega)

CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) – 9mm


The 75 B Ω brings the simplified Omega trigger system to our full-size steel frame.

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Product Description

The CZ 75 B Ω (Omega) features a simpler, more robust version of the 75’s trigger system. The interlocking design of the trigger mechanism’s parts allows for easy disassembly and reassembly without the need for tools, so taking the pistol down beyond a basic field strip is much easier than on a standard 75. Not only does this simplify maintenance, the trigger parts themselves are made of different materials, enhancing durability, operation life and reliability.


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    I was very excited to get this gun after looking at them for nearly 10 years. I wanted the CZ-75B Omega b/c of the simpler trigger design and firing pin safety. I put 200 rounds through it on my first range visit, and it performed flawlessly! Extremely accurate, balanced, smooth. The DA is a bit stiff, but not completely unmanagable, and I’m told it will give a little over time. I’m probably going to change the hammer spring to reduce the pull, but as it is; not terrible. The SA is perfect! I LOVE this pistol, and wonder what took me so long to get one. I have extensive experience with Sigs (and I love them as well), and I’ll put this pistol right up there against the P226. The ergonomics of this pistol are on par with the Browning Hi-Power (what I consider to be the pinnale of pistol ergonomics), if not better. If you enjoy shooting well crafted firearms, then add this to your stable. You will not be dissapointed.

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    In depth review of the CZ 75B Omega. A fine pistol.

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