CZ 75 B

CZ 75 B High Polished Stainless – 9mm


High polished stainless steel variation of the CZ 75 B.

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Product Description

The CZ 75 B Stainless is the first stainless steel firearm to bear the CZ name. With the exception of an ambidextrous manual safety and rubber grips, the stainless version is functionally identical to the CZ 75 B. The only difference is an improvement in corrosion resistance, though many will argue that there is an improvement in appearance as well.

CZ 75 B is used by more governments, militaries, police and security agencies than any other pistol in the world. The CZ 75 is quite possibly the perfect pistol.

  • All steel construction (except alloy framed compacts)
  • High capacity double column magazines
  • Hammer forged barrels
  • Ergonomic grip and controls
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Slide-in-frame design for better recoil control
  • 3 dot sighting system (Tritium night sights available)
  • Smooth double action and crisp single action
  • Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials
  • Firing pin block safety

Designed in 1975, the CZ 75 is the flagship model of the CZ handgun line with over one million produced. An entire family of pistols is available based on the basic CZ 75 design: compacts, decockers, single action only, ambidextrous, alloy frames as well as competition pistols.


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    purchased the 75b just because the gun impressed me at first sight.
    took the gun to the range and found it to shoot like it looks, great! the gun is flawless and well balanced trigger pull is a work of art. the best out of the box gun i have shot, thank you cz!

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    The description says something to the effect of…the perfect pistol….and I agree 100%! I absolutely love it. I had am almost brand new Kimber with the Crimson Trace Laser Grips AND IMMEDIATELY dumped it after I shot my CZ75! Thanks for a WONDERFUL handgun!

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    I picked this up today. I also have the CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, P-01 Compact, P-09 Duty (all 9mm) and CZ 97 BD .45 ACP. Except for the P-09 I fit them all with the Hogue rubber finger grips. One is no better than the other because they are all great with high quality, affordable and all of them accurate out of the box like no other competitor’s in the same price range, and can run with the high dollar customs as well. I had the SIGS, the Springfields, the Colt 1911 (old 70 Series) and traded them or sold them all to have all my pistols CZ, and I don’t regret it one bit. Thanks for being the best CZ-USA.

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    I have the 75 B Stainless, and I love it. It doesn’t compare to the others I own. I am now planning on buying its bigger brother, the 97 B in .45 ACP. I wish that one also came in stainless.

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    I have had my 75 for 3 months. I have put 1500 rnds thru this pistol. I can’t say how much I love this weapon!!!! I have 2 safes with numerous other pistols in them, Wilson ,Nighthawk, Cabot , Sig, Smirh, Colt, to give you an idea .I carry everyday in harms way, this 75 is my go to weapon; function, form ,reliable ,astonishingly accurate, just aren’t good enuff words to say what this pistol is . I have never gotten anything in my 60 yrs of life that gives you so much value for your money ! But I will say after owning and using this pistol and having others on order from custom CZ shops I would pay 3x more if I needed to and still be getting a great value! Best damn pistol in existence

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    I bought my first 1991 high polish CZ75 from a fellow enthusiast. I was attracted to the gun’s beautiful
    high gloss finish. The first time I handled the gun I noticed the awesome, smooth, light double action trigger pull. Next I found a 2005 gloss stainless CZ75. It shared the same beautiful high gloss finish and trigger feel, plus included a Kadet .22 conversion. The only guns I find close to the shooting pleasure of the CZs, are my 9mm Colt Commander and ACE. Nothing compares to the trigger feel, quality, workmanship, reliability, or accuracy for anywhere near the price of my CZ75s.

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    The gun is the best I’ve own thus far, shot it at competition out of the box like if it was mine for a long time! Perfect ergonomics and accuracy, it would be a bargain at twice the price…

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    Fantastic. I own a beautiful 1991 CZ75 high gloss, 2005 CZ75 gloss stainless, and a military CZ72 with the Kadet conversion. Beautiful workmanship and flawless performance…..

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