CZ USA CZ 750 Sniper

CZ 750 Sniper, .308 Win.


A purpose-built sniper rifle with an effective range of 800 yards, ideal for use by elite military and law enforcement.

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Product Description

With an effective range of 800 yards, the CZ 750 Sniper is ideal for use by the elite military and law enforcement snipers it was designed for. The synthetic thumbhole sniper-style stock is adjustable for comb height as well as length of pull. The underside of the fore-end is fitted with a 220mm long rail that provides multiple attachment points for a bipod.

Two scope mounting options are available for the 750 Sniper. A weaver rail comes installed, or by removing the rail, the integrated CZ 19mm dovetail may be used. The Sniper features a muzzle brake, thread protector, mirage shield and two 10-round detachable magazines.

The Sniper has a 26″ barrel with 4-groove rifling in 1 in 10″ twist.


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    First off, CZ really should mention that the 750’s price includes a 55″ travel hard case with 4 latch locks, wheels on one end, and an integrated steel pull bar on the other end. Also included are a set of CZ 1″ steel scope rings.

    [40 rounds fired] Accuracy (for me) is certainly sub-1″@100yds as tested with factory ammo (FGMM 168gr and Lapua 167gr), holding groups tight and true even with a hot barrel. Weight and the muzzle break cuts the nearly straight-back recoil way down to what may be slightly more than 223 . . . a real joy to shoot. The multi-adjustable stock butt ensures a good hold and cheek weld. The 750 single-feeds cartridges very well, and magazine feeding is fine but a little less smooth than push-type actions.

    Cons include:
    – Magazines are not as easy to insert as they could be, but reading the manual and practice resolves that issue.

    – True to its purpose the 750’s padded butt is shaped to benefit a prone shooting position, but is less suited to bench shooting.

    All in all, the 750 is exactly what I expected it to be, and I’m glad to own one.

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    I bought mine about 4 years ago….mounted a Schmidt Bender 5-25 X 56 MP scope on it . At 100 yards with Federal 168 Sierra Match King ammo it consistently prints sub-MOA groups….
    One of the best out of the box rifles one could own and I have a Les Baer Custom (no longer made) , a Tubb 2000 , 3 custom built rifles in .308 and this shots as well

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