CZ 85 Combat

CZ 85 Combat – 9mm
(low capacity)


This lower-capacity version of the 85 Combat makes it available to those in states with magazine limits.

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Product Description

The CZ 85 Combat adds a fully adjustable rear sight, extended magazine release, drop-free magazine and overtravel adjustment on the trigger. The Combat designation comes from the lack of a firing pin block safety, allowing the replacement of the firing pin without tools.

Ambidextrous features include safety levers, slide stop levers and a reversible magazine release. The lack of a firing pin safety gives the 85 Combat a slight advantage in the trigger pull department, making it a long-time favorite of competition shooters.


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    This handgun is deadly accurate at 25 yards and 50 yds was almost the same with the gun sighted in correctly. I was shooting the middle of a small target right out of the paper. Easy to take apart(once you get the hang of it). I highly recommend you buy this for either home defense or for carry.

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    I have approximately 2000 rounds through my 85 Combat. Great shooting pistol that has handled several brands of ammo without any malfunction. DEADLY accurate a well.

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