CZ 97 BD

CZ 97 BD – .45 ACP


This model is a decocker version of the basic CZ 97 B model with added tritium night sights.

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Product Description

A decocker version of the basic CZ 97 B model, we added tritium night sights to make it usable in low-light situations. The decocking lever is mounted on the left side, allowing the hammer to be lowered on a loaded chamber and enable safe, ‘hammer-down’ carry. The double-stack magazine allows for 10+1 capacity.

Starting in 2013 we added a set of thin aluminum grips to the 97 BD, giving it a slimmer grip profile and plenty of traction.


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    awesome, accurate as heck and easily concealable

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    All around amazing, especially in accuracy and control. Best out of the box .45ACP there is.

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    Purchased the 97BD as an alternate to my Sig P220. The 97BD surpassed my expectations by delivering awesome down range performance straight out of the box. The action was flawless no FTF or other issues. Truly awesome weapon and if I need to spruce it up the Custom shop is less than a mile from my house! Thanks again CZ

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    I own several .45 handguns and my CZ97BD is the best one of the bunch. My first choice to carry.

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    These firearms are magnificent, and it seems like as soon as someone gets ahold of one, and throws some shots down range, it automatically becomes their favorite 45acp handgun. This is one of those guns, that when people say Glocks are the best, I automatically bring up CZ. There 9mm offerings are superb as well, and they all have better ergonomics, triggers, sights, recoil, and they are as reliable (if not more than)any Glock could ever be. They are very accommodating pistols, and I think every shooter should at least rent a couple models for a day, and give them the Pepsi challenge. In the past, I used to walk right past the CZ case, wondering why the hell every gun shop carried so many models of this manufacturer, and I will tell you why. They Czechs have beaten the piss out of the Austrians when it comes to handguns, without a doubt. If you have never shot one, please do, it will be to your benefit

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    After being impressed with my first cz, 85 b combat, I finally stumbled across a gun shop that had a few czs in stock. They are next to impossible to find in my area. Don’t ask, I’m not telling till I add a 75 b. I added the 97 bd as soon as I held it. I couldn’t believe the accuracy out of the box. So far I’ve shot a few hundred hardball and a few hundred 200 gr swc reloads without a hiccup. I’m loading a few hundred 230 gr jhp for my next shoot. Oh yeah, I see where a lot of people online complain about the size weight and grip of this gun claiming you have to have big hands to use it. Mine happen to be on the small side of medium size and I don’t find the size of this gun to be that big of a deal. Not much bigger than my 2 1911’s and with a lot less recoil. Once again, just like my 85 b combat, I love this gun. Only wish I’d found them before I bought some of my other ones. If it’s your first handgun buy, do yourself a favor and if you can rent a cz and try it first.

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    Absolutely the best out-of-the-box trigger I have ever shot. Accurate down range and a real joy to shoot. I shot it out of the box in an IDPA match and it ran flawlessly. Dust, dirt and even the 25F degree weather did nothing to slow it down. And the ergonomics are perfect, it just fits my hands perfectly, the grip is barely wider than that of my 1911s. Already saving up to put another one in my range bag. I own several CZ clones in 9,40, and 45 and now I wonder why I bothered.
    Thanks CZ!

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