CZ USA Mallard

CZ Mallard 20 Gauge, 28″ Barrels


A no-nonsense working double, the Mallard comes standard with double triggers and extractors.

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Product Description

The Mallard is designed to be the simplest, most cost effective over and under shotgun CZ-USA produces. It features the standard box-lock frame with the same hinge system used in the more detailed models, but it employs a dual trigger system to keep the production costs low. It has been a favorite for those who like the functionality and reliability of an over/under with a cost well below most semi-auto shotguns and even some pumps on the market these days.

Available in 12 or 20 gauge with a 28″ barrel only, this is truly a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of gun.


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    When I was looking for an over/under 20 gauge, I never thought to look at the CZ. Then one day I was at the range and I saw one being used and the man was nice enough to allow me to shoot some clays. Well the rest is history. The gun comes up real nice, very little effort. The double trigger was the best and the weight was perfect. I immediately went and purchased the shotgun. The wood of the stock is that deep hardwood and the craftsmanship of the seams and the tooling are the quality of guns priced way higher. If you want a gun that has all the qualities of a very expensive brand I suggest you do yourself a favor and look at a CZ.

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