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CZ P-06

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Discontinued 2016. The P-06 is the .40 S&W version of the 9mm CZ 75 P-01 model.

A compact, aluminum-framed pistol designed for LE and Military duty, the reduced weight due to its forged alloy frame makes it ideal for discrete carry as well. Equipped with a decocker, the P-06 provides convenience for those who prefer hammer-down carry. With a heavy first-round trigger pull, any additional shots are a light, crisp single action.

Upgrades in the Uhersky Brod factory’s manufacturing process enabled the components of the P-01/P-06 are completely interchangeable with every other P-01/P-06, with no individual fitting needed. This required some very careful re-design so that the reliability and accuracy were not impaired.

With an integral 1913 accessory rail on its dust cover, the P-06 easily accepts any of the industry-standard lights and lasers to assist with low-light use. Its magazines have an extended base pad to enable it to hold 10 rounds of 40 S&W.


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