CZ USA Sporter

CZ Sporter 12 Gauge, 32″ Barrels


The CZ Sporter is the first shotgun from CZ-USA specifically designed for Sporting Clays and FITASC competition.

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Product Description

The CZ Sporter is CZ-USA’s most beautiful gun, equipped with a grade 3 Turkish walnut stock from the factory. Don’t let the looks fool you though, this gun was built for action!

Purpose-built for Sporting Clays, this fine gun offers everything a clay shooter would want in a competition gun. The adjustable comb on the full-size target stock provides a wide range of adjustability to fit most shooters. The Sporter is completely engraved by hand and has a deep black chrome finish. The trigger is set to break at approximately 4-5 lbs., making it perfect for precision shooting.


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    bought my first CZ, A 17 cal. bolt action, gun was well made, so bought the 20 ga. woodcock deluxe, 3 years ago started shooting sporting clay’s, so it was no problem buying the ZC sporter, have shoot about 30,000 rounds through it maybe more, have had no problems with it at all, shoot with 2 guys that have Brownings both brought them new and both have sent the guns back for repair, the CZ sporter is a very well made gun, and when I compared the guns side by side the CZ Sporter was better made and at a lower price. Browning,Winchester,Rem, may have the name but the CZ was a better built gun. like it so much I’m buying a 2nd. one as a spare, to get the quality of this gun from the other manufactures your looking to jump up in price to the 4,000 to 5,000 dollar range. An to be fair the only thing I didnt like was the trigger pull was a little heavy, 6 to maybe 7 pound range, so had it worked on to get it down to about 4 pounds.
    I will end this review saying, The guys at my club look at this sporter as an entry level gun, but there shooting guns in the 5,000 to 10,000 dollar range, To me this sporter is every bit as well made as there’s it just doesn’t have the name. Great gun, Great price, You wont be disappointed.

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