DW CCO – .45 ACP


Something even more concealable than our Bobtails….

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Our Guardian has proven so popular due to its concealable profile and Commander-length slide that we took it a step further with the CCO – the Concealed Carry Officer – a Commander slide on an Officer frame. With the proven stopping power of the .45 ACP and 7+1 capacity, you won’t be under-gunned. To make it disappear more easily while carrying concealed, we bobbed the back of the mainspring housing. To reduce overall weight, the frame and mainspring housing are made from anodized aluminum. We included an undercut trigger guard and our “chain-link” grip treatment on the front strap and mainspring housing to help control recoil and give it a distinctive look.
The slide and small parts are treated in the same Duty Black finish that we use on all of our black guns. We fitted dual-colored tritium lamps for faster low-light target acquisition and a white target ring on the front to aid in front sight concentration.
The CCO uses a medium-length trigger to facilitate faster draws and better fit in the hand. The gun is rounded out with our stippled shadow grips. Like all Dan Wesson models, this gun is both beautiful and functional.

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    After shooting my DW CCO for over a year, I can say this is a very high quality pistol. It had all the features I wanted in a concealed carry firearm at a reasonable price. You would spend hundreds of dollars with a custom gunsmith to get features already included on the CCO. The accuracy from the match barrel is phenomenal. It has been absolutely reliable with a variety of .45 ACP ammunition. The finish makes it easy to clean. If you are looking for just the right size carry pistol in .45, I don’t think you can beat the DW CCO.

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