DW Mayhem

DW “Elite Series” Mayhem – .40 S&W


An Elite Series competition pistol designed specifically for USPSA Limited Division.

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Product Description

The Mayhem is based on an all steel, hi-capacity version of the 1911 frame. It comes ready to dominate the Limited IPSC/USPSA division or fulfill the needs of shooters looking for a superbly accurate target-grade 1911.

Taking weight away from where you don’t want it and adding it to where you do was the first priority in designing this handgun. The 6” bull barrel and tactical rail add to the static “good weight.” We wanted a 6” long slide for the added sight radius and enhanced pointability, but that would add to the “bad weight,” so the 6” slide has been lightened to equal the weight of a 5”. The result is a 6” long slide that balances and feels like a 5” but shoots like a 6”. The combination of the all steel frame with industry-leading parts delivers the most well-balanced, softest shooting 6” limited gun on the market. The Mayhem is truly a handgun made for shooters by shooters.  (.40 S&W)


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