DW Pointman Nine

DW Pointman Nine – 9mm


The PM-9 couples the 9mm chambering with the Government-size frame, resulting in a soft-shooting 1911 that’s cheaper to shoot at the range.

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Product Description

The Pointman Nine is the only full-size Dan Wesson model chambered in 9mm. We have offered this model in limited quantities in the past and demand always outpaces production capacity.

This gun features our Clark-style rib on top of the forged slide with an adjustable target sight in the rear and fiber optic sight in the front as well as front and rear cocking serrations. The frame is forged stainless with an undercut trigger guard and 25 LPI front strap checkering. The flats are polished to a soft brushed finish and the rounds are sandblasted for a nice contrast. Double diamond cocobolo grips finish it off. With the lower cost of 9mm ammunition and lack of recoil, this is the perfect model for getting acquainted with the 1911. Holding 9+1 rounds, the PM-9 shines both at the range and in competition.


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    I own several custom 1911’s and for the money, you just can’t beat this new Pointman 9 right out of the box. Finish and fit are outstanding. Lockup is tight and trigger is crisp 3 1/2 with no creep. Accuracy is outstanding with everything going into 1 1/2 inches at 15 yards hand held. All the empty brass landed in a thirty inch circle three ft to the right and two feet behind me. This is my second DW (other is a Valor)and I’m very pleased and highly recommend this to anyone that appreciates fine workmanship.

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    I have owned this gun for several months now and have put over 3000 rounds down range with out one problem with any type ammo. Can’t say one bad thing about this gun. Fit and finish are outstanding even compared to guns costing twice the price. The trigger is great. This is my favorite 9mm by far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a very accurate, reliable, well made, good looking 9mm. This is one 9 that will never leave my collection.

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    I have 4 Dan Wesson 1911’s, and I am most impressed with your DW Pointman 9. We occasionally shoot 8″ and 4″ plates at 50 yds., and the Dan Wesson 9 is a “plate killer”! Some of the 1911’s used on the plates are Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Kimber, etc…, and the DW shoots as good as any of these high dollar 1911’s. Keep up the fine work and keep building these accurate pistols!
    Lt. Craig P. Hebert

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    I have 2 Dan Wesson’s one is the PM9. This guns fit and finish is equal to if not better than 1911 costing double the money. The PM9 is one of the most accurate 1911 you will ever shoot. I would put the PM9 up against my wilson combat any day. I really like how clean the gun is does not have writing all over the slide like most. I would recommend this 1911 to anyone wanting a great shooting 1911 in 9mm over any other ones out there. You can’t go wrong with the DW !!!

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    I was instantly impressed with the PM9. Every part of the gun fit nice and tight, while the slide and barrel had no play at all. Trigger was a smooth 4.6lbs that quickly went to 4.1lb and I’m still in the middle of breaking in the gun. But immediately I was able to get 1″ groups at 25 yards on a bench with my reloaded ammo. This gun is exceptional in quality for the money.

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    I recently bought a barely used PM-9 (originally sold in July 2014) for significantly less then what it would have been brand new (call it better then 40% off of full retail + tax!). As with all my new guns I strip them down, clean them and prep therm to shoot. Mea Culpa – I thought it was missing the roll pin for the ejector; and thanks to the excellent DW/CZ CS I have a spare pin enroute. My first range visit was the other day; with results posted in the Dan Wesson discussions on 1911forum.com and several other forums. Shooting Speer Gold Dot LE 124 gr. JHP I am very pleased with the results. I am now using the PM-9 as a primary carry gun; the only thing better about this gun would be that I could get a .38 Super barrel/ejector for it; next to .45 acp .38 Super is my favorite carry round – especially the old Winchester Silvertips! Very impressed with the gun!

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    I have always been a rifle shooter because most of the handguns I have fired just were not accurate.( I want the pistol to be as good as I am!) Well the Pointman 9 has put my faith in handguns!! I can shoot a 2 inch group at 20 yards standing (slow fire) EXTREMELY HAPPY with this gun!! So many great things about this gun! No one has commented on the safety! The safety ! I can’t quit trying it! (NOT OF THIS WORLD) It seems so perfect in every way, positive,distinct,ergonomics, it is the most impressive safety of any firearm i have ever tried. Sights? Yah they are fabulous, they will stay! I have heard that red fiber optic sights disappear in low light conditions but I sure like them anyway!! The slide seems to be like glare ice !! The trigger if I could I would lighten up a tad, but then again I’m a light trigger junky! I certainly will not change it though, it is very adaptable for me. All fits on this gun are tighter than a snakes rectum! Its surprising it functions reliably!! It is truly an awesome firearm!!! Why buy a big dollar 1911 when you have these offerings? ,

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    I have owned and shot 1911’s stating in the mid 1960’s {Vietnam}. While the military 1911’s leave a lot to be desired, it whetted my appetite for my own 1911’s. It was the 1990’s before I had both the time and the $$$ to acquire and shoot 1911’s again. After purchasing approx. 12 1911’s, and keeping 8 of them {no high $$$ pistols, tho’}, I had become quite sure I was really missing out on something not having a Dan Wesson pistol. Late in 2014, I acquired a new D.W. ‘Valor’. It’s a 1911 ‘done right’ !

    My Valor impresses me with every range visit. The fit, finish, accuracy, performance, and reliability are the equal of pistols costing twice as much. It sure makes me look good to my range buddies. Saving my $$$ now for a ‘Pointman 9′ D.W., as I have always wanted a 9 mm 1911, and there is no question that it would be anything else but a D.W. … {Wondering whether one may be had with a plain night sight up front, vs. the fiber optic}.

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    The PM9 is a tackdriver. I am extremely impressed and satisfied with it. It is worth every penny I paid for it.

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