DW RZ-10

DW Razorback – 10mm


Our Government-size 1911 chambered in the cartridge that proved too much for the G Men — 10mm.

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Product Description

At one time we discontinued all of our 10mms, only to see demand for a quality production 1911 in 10mm rise. Back by popular demand and in limited quantities, we are proud to present our Razorback.

The RZ-10 is a 5″ 1911 and features a serrated Clark-style target rib machined on the top of the slide with fixed defensive sights. We fit a match-grade ramped barrel for use with the most popular 10mm loads and smoother feeding. The slide is mated to our standard forged frame with undercut trigger guard and smooth front strap. On both the frame and the slide we polish the flats to a soft brushed finish and sandblast the rounds. The gun is finished off with a nice set of double diamond cocobolo grips.

Chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge, the Razorback is a very versatile 1911 package suitable for defensive use, target shooting and handgun hunting of medium-sized game up to deer or wild boar.


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    I have been hunting with a 10mm since 1995. This Dan Wesson Razorback is the best hunting/shooting 10mm auto on the market. It’s a shooters dream. I have taken close to 50 big game animals with this 10mm. I highly recommend! -Razor Dobbs

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    I just received the RZ back. WOW!!! This thing is perfect, it turned out better then I hoped for! I had been thinking about an ed brown for a while. I had a quote on a new one for less money then what I ended up having in this gun. I was worried I would have more then Brown money in a gun that wasn’t as nice as one. Not now. I haven’t seen a brown that I like as much as this one!
    I apologize if I was a little impatient at times but I have to say the wait was worth it.
    Thanks for everything!
    Thanks Gene

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    Most accurate 10MM I’ve shot. Shooting standing unsupported one hand Bullseye from 25 yards 10 round group size 3.5″! Great pistol to own especially being a 1911 in 10MM!

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    This 10mm DW RZ back is the Bomb!
    Very manageable recoil and rapid target acquisition, especially noticeable on ‘double tap’
    and subsequent round firing.
    I’m not a hunter. This fine pistol will be used for pure pleasure at the outdoor/indoor range.
    It will also be my CC weapon, on a daily basis…..Yes, a full size 1911, chambered, in my opinion, in the outstanding 10mm cartridge. Having tried a half dozen or so ammo manufacturers, I have found ‘Underwood Ammo’ to be my cartridge of choice…second to none!

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    Although having an older model RZ, mine performs just like new. I had the barrel and slide Ported and it shoots and handles characteristic of a .357 Magnum, recoil has been dramatically reduced with NO drop in speed or performance. In fact the porting enables me to get back on target at the range or in the field. I have a 35 year old Delta Elite that was ported by Magna-Port twenty years ago, it too has performed flawlessly and much more comfortable to shoot a box or two of 10MM ammo through! Great job on the RZ CZ!
    Dan Stepp
    Goodlettsville, TN.

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