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DW Valor Stainless – .45 ACP


The Valor is our flagship 1911. The fit, finish and parts are the top of the line.

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Product Description

The Valor series is our flagship line, meaning it’s the best we have to offer. Frankly, we feel it is the best built production 1911 on the market.

The Valor is loaded with features, including a forged frame with 25 LPI checkering front and back, an undercut trigger guard, tactical ledge night sights, VZ slim line G10 grips, EGW carry bevel bushings as well as our tool-steel fire controls and other premium small parts. Every piece that goes into the Valor series is hand-fit, polished and blended to provide you with not only the best functioning gun we can provide, but also the best looking.

The Valor can be had with either a matte stainless glass bead finish or our super durable black Duty finish. This finish is a revolutionary treatment process that actually bonds to the components and creates a super-durable matte black skin. Our Duty Black finish beats any of the spray-and-bake finishes most companies use today, hands down. Our durability testing proves it and our customers love it – which is proof enough for us!

The Valor is a Government full size 1911, but also comes in a Bobtail Commander version known as the V-Bob.


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    I bought my Valor over a year ago and since then I have compared it to just about every other make of 1911 Gov’t pistol made. In my family, we have purchased just about every brand name 1911 worth buying, both custom and production. In short, the Valor is a superb 1911 Pistol; fit and finish, engineering, operation and most of all accuracy, is all the best one can expect from a gun. The Stainless Finish is satin smooth and durable and very handsome. Reliability and accuracy is equal to custom priced $3500 guns offered by the big three: Wilson, Brown and Baer. When DW says this gun is the Flagship series believe it; I love the gun and recommend to everyone who loves the 1911 to get one.


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    Better than my Wilson’s and as good as my Brown. Take a look inside this gun and you will find nothing but the best. Slide to frame is perfect. Im very impressed with the overall quality. A true Tac driver at a discount price

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    The valor is a really nice 1911 45 acp, the ergonomics are perfect, the gun just points well and really feels balanced, and the finish is really nice, i bought the stainless and liked it so much that I bought another in duty finish. My favorite two 1911s…..

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    I bought the Dan Wesson Valor and can report the following report after about a year of ownership. No problems in feeding, firing, ejecting in the first 300 rounds I fired. Then I got a failure to fire when the hammer fell to ” half cock “. Several different 1911 guy’s said it was this or that causing the problems, I stopped shooting and called the guys at CZ the next day and told them what was going on. They said the over-travel screw needed to be turned about one turn and that would cure the problem, it did. 600 to 700 more trouble free rounds down range. To say I’m happy with this firearm would be a great under statement to say the least. One hole accurate at 10 yards is no problem when I do my part. Great pistol with great service, just does not get any better. A work of art in looks and function, best semi-auto I have ever owned and in my 60 years that would add up to a large pile for sure.

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