CZ 75 Shadow T-SA
Product Description

Discontinued 2012 - The custom shop has tuned this pistol for shooters interested in competing or who want to do some serious paper punching with a single action-only 9mm. As a member of the Shadow line of competition models it was designed without a firing pin block, allowing for a better trigger pull. Additional modifications made by the gunsmiths at the CZ Custom Shop include a trigger job (breaks clean at 3.5-4 lbs), installation of a Champion adjustable target rear and fiber optic front sights, competition springs, CZ Custom aluminum grips and a flat aluminum trigger with overtravel screw.

The Shadow series of handguns is designed specifically for target and competition work. They include variations of the CZ 75 and the CZ SP-01.  All Shadow models feature swept hi-rise beavertail frames and slides designed without firing pin blocks for improved target trigger pull.

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