CZ 75 Compact SDP
Product Description

Starting with the lightweight P-01, Angus's crew installs a competition hammer modified to work with the decocker, polishes and smooths the firing pin block and tunes the trigger to 3.5-4 lbs. in SA and 7.5-8.2 lbs. in DA. Riding atop the slide are tritium sights with a Heinie Slant Pro in rear for low drag. Custom interior parts like a solid firing pin stop and trigger pin, extended firing pin and a stainless steel guide rod complete the package.

SKU 91721
Price $1420.00 USD
Ammunition 9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity 14+1
Weight 1.780 lbs
Overall Length 7.200 in
Barrel Length 3.700 in
Height 5.000 in
Width 1.400 in
Frame Alloy
Grip Thin aluminum
Trigger Mech. SA/DA
Sights Tritium
Safety Decocker
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Product Description


P-07 Duty



CZ 75 SP-01

The winningest pistol in IPSC competition.

Choice of both World and U.S. National
Champion Shooters

• Adam Tyc, Czech Republic

• Matt Mink, U.S.A 

• Angus Hobdell, U.S.A

• Kelly Neal, U.S.A.

• Marian Vysny, Czech Republic

• Galo Icaza, Ecuador

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