Brno Combo rifle/shotgun
Product Description

The Brno Combo gun is a great companion for predator calling or mixed-bag hunts. The 802 Combo gun features 23 ½” barrels with a 12 gauge, (3” chamber, Imp. Mod. choke), over your choice of .243 Win., .308 Win., or .30-06 Springfield. Features include extractors, barrel-mounted sling attachment and quarter-rib iron sights. The shotgun barrel is fired by the rear trigger, while the front trigger includes a set function for precision shooting with the rifle barrel.

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SKU 08105
Ammunition .243 Win
Gauge 12
Weight 7.500 lbs
Overall Length 40.980 in
Barrel Length 23.620 in
Chokes IM
Stock Walnut
Trigger Type Double
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    • 243/20ga - Added 1 year, 1 month ago.
      Added by swanny

      Yes, .243 over 20 ga would be perfect.