CZ 452 Style
Product Description

Discontinued 2011 - 

This is the same basic rifle as a CZ 452 Silhouette, except the Style features a matte nickel finish on all metal surfaces.

SKU 02020
Ammunition .22 LR
Magazine Capacity 5
Magazine Type Detachable
Rate of Twist 1:16 in
Weight 5.890 lbs
Overall Length 40.750 in
Barrel Length 22.520 in
Length of Pull 13.740 in
Barrel Cold Hammer Forged
Barrel Finish Nickel
Receiver Finish Nickel
Stock Synthetic
Trigger Poundage ADJ
Sights No Sights, Integrated scope 11mm Dovetail
Safety Manual firing pin block
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    • Amazing! - Added 1 year, 5 months ago.
      Added by Steve J

      I picked up a Style in January 2012. I didn't get to go shoot it for a while, but after joining a local gun club with rifle range, I sighted in the scope and after finding it loves inexpensive ammo, proceeded to get as good as dime size groups at 50yds and quarter size at 100. I haven't shot since I was 15 (44 years ago) so I was pretty amazed at the rifle's accuracy. With practice I keep improving, and I learn faster because the Style's accuracy is never in doubt. I know the Style is very hard to find and feel fortunate that I got one when I did. I'm here now checking to see what my next CZ will be, and thought I'd share my $.02. Get a CZ, you'll be amazed how accurate it is for the price, and pleased with how well made it is too. (When I first picked up a CZ I could tell that it was designed and built by folks that "get it". Quality throughout.)