CZ 527 American
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The CZ 527 American features a classic American pattern stock, a sporter-weight hammer forged barrel, a single set trigger and a recessed target crown. Made to be used with optics, rifle ships with 1" steel scope rings.

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SKU 03065
Price $733.00 USD
Ammunition .17 Hornet
Magazine Capacity 5
Magazine Type Detachable
Weight 6.340 lbs
Overall Length 40.400 in
Barrel Length 21.900 in
Length of Pull 13.500 in
Stock Type Turkish Walnut
Trigger SST
Sights None
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    • Playing cards with my CZ
      Playing cards with my CZ - Added 3 months, 3 weeks ago.
      Added by Bob Hayne

      A few years ago I shot a friends CZ one time and centered the bullseye. That's all it took, I let it be known that my next gun was going to be a CZ. A couple of years later my lovely wife totally surprised me with a CZ 527 in 223 just what I wanted. I began shooting it and was totally amazed by the accuracy and "handle". I often used it to "play cards" at 100 yds with friends and never lose. I knew that it would be a good rifle for varmints such as cayotes and coons but I didn't know about deer. This year I took it to the blind with the express purpose of putting it to the test. About 8:00am a cull buck appeared at about 120 yds. I set the trigger and put him in my scope but he was starting to move out behind some brush. I whistled and he stopped to see what was up. That was his last mistake. In the 2 seconds that time stood still I literally "touched off" the set trigger and he hit the ground "like a 4 lb hammer". I hit him 2 inches behind the ear, one kick and it was all over. The well placed 55 gr 223 bullet was deadly. What a gun!! low recoil and noise, and unbelievably accurate. I'll never buy or recommend anything else. That set trigger is the greatest thing since "sliced bread". I recently added the P-07 duty pistol in 9mm. I'm not "playing cards" with it yet but I'm working on it!

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CZ 455 American

CZ 527 has won more awards in the "light rifle" category in Europe than any other rifle - ever. Designed to fit the small base calibers perfectly, the CZ 527 is a true micro length Mauser style action and features controlled round feed, a detachable magazine, hammer forged barrel and single set trigger. The dovetail on all CZ 527's is 16mm.

· True micro length action
· Controlled round feed
· Hammer forged barrel
· Single set trigger

The CZ 527 Lux and CZ 527 FS are traditional European style models featuring open sights and a Turkish walnut stock in the famous Bavarian pattern while the CZ 527 American, CZ 527 Varmint and CZ 527 Carbine are models made specifically for the US market with our American customer in mind featuring American pattern stock with 18 LPI checkering.

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