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CZ has recently learned of a potential safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles that could potentially result in injury.  You should immediately stop using your CZ 600 rifle.
Click here for next steps and more information.

At CZ, we value our relationship with you and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience, your cooperation, and for choosing CZ. Your safety comes first.

CZ-USA does NOT sell firearms directly to consumers online,
instead selling our products through an Authorized Dealer network as well as to major wholesale distributors that work with all other FFL dealers. Our authorized dealers can be found here. Please use caution when giving personal payment information online.
The following websites are NOT affiliated with CZ-USA.,, 

Alexis Peña

Home state: Missouri

Years Shooting: 5

Member of CZ-USA Shooting Team Since: 2021

Favorite CZ/Dan Wesson Firearm: CZ Shadow 2 / CZ TS 2


Production Division – CZ Shadow 2, CGW 11.5lb Hammer Spring, CGW 11lb Recoil Spring, CGW Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring, LOK Palm Swell Bogies Grips, Nickel Magazines, Henning Pro Series Base Pads

Limited Division – CZ TS 2, Shooting Sports Innovations Tungsten Guide Rod, LOK Palm Swell Bogies Grips, CZ Straight SA Trigger, CZ Custom Extended Base Pads, Grams Engineering 11 Coil Magazine Spring, Grams Engineering Followers


Belt: DAA Lynx Belt with GX Products Lynx Ratchet Assembly

Magazine Pouches: Henning Group T-900 Speed Magnet-Pouch and Double-Alpha Racer Magazine Pouch

Holster: GX VICE Holster on a Henning Group T-1000 Holster Hanger

Eyewear Frame: Oakley SI Speed Jacket

Eyewear Lenses: Hunters HD Gold

Safety Gear: 

Eyewear Frame: Oakley SI Speed Jacket

Eyewear Lenses: Hunters HD Gold

Hearing Protection: Surefire Sonic Defender

List of Accomplishments:

  • 16th Place Limited Division – 2022 USPSA Racegun Nationals
  • 1st Place Limited Division – 2021 Wisconsin Section Championship
  • 1st Place Master Class – 2020 Area 4 Championship
  • 1st Place Master Class – 2020 Iowa Section Championship
  • 1st Place Master Class – 2020 Ozarks Classic

Advice for shooters wanting to get into competitive shooting:

The hardest part about getting started in competitive shooting is making it out to your first match. I often find that new shooters, like myself at the time, think “I am not good enough to shoot a competition yet” when in reality the only requirements to participate and have a great time are safe gun handling, safe holster and firearm and a good attitude. Find a match near you, don’t be afraid to ask for help and go have a great time.

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