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CZ has recently learned of a potential safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles that could potentially result in injury.  You should immediately stop using your CZ 600 rifle.
Click here for next steps and more information.

At CZ, we value our relationship with you and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience, your cooperation, and for choosing CZ. Your safety comes first.

CZ-USA does NOT sell firearms directly to consumers online,
instead selling our products through an Authorized Dealer network as well as to major wholesale distributors that work with all other FFL dealers. Our authorized dealers can be found here. Please use caution when giving personal payment information online.
The following websites are NOT affiliated with CZ-USA.,, 

CZ 550 American Safari Magnum and .458 Lott chambering to be introduced at the 2004 Shot Show

February 2004

CZ is pleased to announce the CZ 550 American Safari Magnum in .375 H&H; Mag., .416 Rigby, .458 Win. Mag., and .458 Lott.

The CZ 550 Safari Magnum is getting a facelift. This popular rifle is now offered in an American pattern stock. The new model, called the CZ 550
American Safari Magnum, is available in 3 different laminate color combinations, as well as field and fancy grade American black walnut.

The “American” models retain the quality and reliability of the original CZ 550 Safari Magnum including its forged square bridge receiver, controlled round feed claw extractor, single set trigger, and hammer forged barrel.
The rifle has 3 leaf express sights calibrated for 100, 200, and 300 meters, as well as integrated scope bases.

Suggested retail prices for the CZ 550 American are as follows:

Caliber Field Fancy Laminate
458 Lott $876.00 $1,489.00 $1,118.00
375 H&H; $833.00 $1,489.00 $1,088.00
416 Rigby $833.00 $1,489.00 $1,088.00
458 WinMag $833.00 $1,489.00 $1,088.00

Ceskà Zbrojovka (CZ) has been a leader in firearms manufacturing since its creation in 1936 in Uherský Brod, Czechoslovakia. CZ’s use of state of the art technology combined with European craftsmanship has gained them worldwide recognition for their incredibly accurate, durable, and dependable line of pistols, centerfire rifles, and rimfire rifles. CZ-USA provides sales and warranty support their Kansas City, Kansas location.

Contact: Jason Morton
(913) 321-1811
Fax: (913) 321-2251
For Immediate Release
Kansas City, KS – 5 February 2004

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