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CZ has recently learned of a potential safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles that could potentially result in injury.  You should immediately stop using your CZ 600 rifle.
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At CZ, we value our relationship with you and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience, your cooperation, and for choosing CZ. Your safety comes first.

CZ-USA does NOT sell firearms directly to consumers online,
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CZ Introduces the Brno Rifles line

January 2009

CZ Introduces the Brno Rifles line

The Brno Rifles line is the newest brand in the CZ-USA family. Brno Rifles is a high end line of fixed breach firearms from the historic arms manufacturing plant in Brno, Czech Republic. Over/Under rifles, shotguns, combo guns and the single shot Effect are among the first models to be released in the Brno Rifles line.

The Brno Rifles plant was founded in 1918. Previously part of the Viennese Arsenal under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the plant began production making Mauser and Mannlicher rifles. The famous Brno VZ 24 Mausers were produced from 1924 – 1940. Notably, the British BREN light machinegun was born in the Brno Rifles plant and in 1937 production began in England.

Under German occupation during WWII, the Brno Rifles plant produced arms for both the Third Reich and the Czecho-Slovak resistance. During the Warsaw Pact period, the plant became part of the Czecho-Slovak National Enterprise. While part of the National Enterprise, the Brno name became famous as the brand used on all sporting rifles produced in then Czechoslovakia.

Today, Brno Rifles is a sister company to the CZ-UB factory, and Dan Wesson Firearms. CZ-USA is pleased to be able to offer the fine firearms of Brno Rifles to our customers.

BRNO 801.1 12ga O/U MAGNUM

BRNO 801.2 12ga O/U

The BRNO 801 Shotgun is appropriate for both hunting and target duty. The 801 sports a select grade walnut stock with laser engraved checkering and a palm swell, in addition to tasteful engraving on the receiver. Available with either 3” chambers and a silver receiver (801.2) or 3 ½” chambers with a black receiver(801.1), both feature automatic ejectors and safety with a barrel selector mounted on the trigger. The Brno 801.1 has fixed Improved Modified chokes , while the Brno 801.2 comes with a set of 3 extended chokes. (full, modified, improved cylinder)


The Brno Combo gun is a great companion for predator calling or mixed bag hunts. The 802 Combo gun features 23 ½” barrels, 12 ga, 3” with Improved Modified choke over your choice of .243 Win., .308 Win., or .30-06 Springfield. Features include an automatic safety, extractors, barrel mounted sling attachment, and quarter rib iron sights. The shotgun bbl is fired by the rear trigger, while the front trigger includes a set function for precision shooting with the rifle barrel.

BRNO STOPPER O/U Double Rifle, .458 WinMag

The Brno Stopper is an Over/Under double rifle chambered in .458 Win. Mag. for Africa’s most dangerous game. Featuring a select grade walnut stock, elegant checkering and a semi-Schnabel fore-end, the Stopper features a single mechanical trigger, short radius iron sights for fast shooting, and a barrel mounted sling attachment point. The new double is available in field grade with a blued receiver or an exquisitely engraved version. The upgraded version features hand engraved scenes of rhino and elephant on the receiver and trigger guard by Rene Ondra, one of Europe’s finest engravers.

BRNO EFFECT cal. 30-06

The Effect single-shot rifle is one of the most graceful rifles you will ever put to you shoulder. The simple elegance and challenge of one shot big game hunting is the essence of the Brno Effect. The light form of the effect calls out to be taken on the most challenging of mountain hunts as evidenced by the high country big game engravings on the receiver. The Effect features select walnut, a single set trigger, automatic safety, and iron sights.

08001 BRNO STOPPER O/U Double Rifle, cal. 458 WinMag, black receiver $5,554

08002 BRNO STOPPER O/U Double Rifle, cal. 458 WinMag, hand engraved silver receiver, gold trigger $8,072

08100 BRNO 801.1 12ga O/U MAGNUM, 3 1/2 “, fixed choked bbls $3,007

08101 BRNO 801.2 12ga O/U 30” bbl, Engraved silver receiver, barrel selector, 3 screw in choke tubes $3,007

08105 BRNO COMBO rifle/shotgun cal. 243 Win/ 12ga $2,087

08106 BRNO COMBO rifle/shotgun cal. 308 Win/ 12ga $2,087

08107 BRNO COMBO rifle/shotgun cal. 30-06/ 12ga $2,087

08110 BRNO EFFECT cal. 30-06 $1,585

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  1. Hi CZ,
    Really love O/U 12ga shotgun with extra O/U rifle barrel cal .308 Winchester. Would be glad if you could provide information complete with quote.

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