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Petersen’s Hunting Adventures

Hosted byKevin Steele, Craig Boddington and Mike Schoby

Network: The Sportsman Channel

Show Times:
Sunday 9:00 PM (EST)
Monday 6:00 PM (EST)
Tuesday 5:30 PM  (EST)
Thursday 12:30 AM (EST)



American Birdhunter

CZ-USA’s American Birdhunter

Hosted byBruce Horrell and Randy Lack

Network: The Outdoor Channel

Show Times: 
Monday at 9:30 AM EST
Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST
Thursday at 1:00 PM EST




Razor Dobbs ALIVE

Hosted by: Razor Dobbs

Network: The Sportsman Channel

Show Times:
Saturday: 9:00 pm EST
Wednesday: 11:00 am EST
Thursday: 4:00 pm EST







National Bird Dog Circuit

2014 BDC World Championships

Network: The Pursuit Channel

Show Times: Returning to TV October 2016


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