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CZ has recently learned of a potential safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles that could potentially result in injury.  You should immediately stop using your CZ 600 rifle.
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At CZ, we value our relationship with you and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience, your cooperation, and for choosing CZ. Your safety comes first.

CZ-USA does NOT sell firearms directly to consumers online,
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CZ 712 G3 Target


The CZ 712 G3 Target is the ultimate semi-auto shotgun for those who are ready to compete. With the added features of an adjustable comb, a stepped rib, and 30″ barrels this shotgun is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding target shooters.

The adjustable comb allows for a customizable fit to ensure the perfect cheek weld, resulting in greater comfort when shooting. The stepped rib provides a clear and unobstructed sight picture, allowing the shooter to quickly and accurately acquire their target. The combination of these features makes the CZ 712 G3 Target the ideal shotgun for both novice and experienced shooters.

Built with a gas-operated system, the CZ 712 G3 Target ensures reliable and smooth cycling, shot after shot. The 30-inch barrel is constructed from high-quality steel and is finished with a matte black finish for durability and reduced glare. The shotgun is chambered for 2 3/4 and 3-inch shells, providing versatility for different shooting situations.
The 712 G3 Target features a sleek and ergonomic design, with a walnut stock and for-end.

Two pistons are included with the shotgun for light and heavy loads. Either piston accepts a wide range of shot shells within its designation. With the light piston installed, soft recoiling shot shells for target shooting can be cycled easily.

CZ 712 G3 Piston Usage Chart


CZ 712 G3 Target

Product Name CZ 712 G3 Target
SKU 06310
Firearm Type Shotgun
Purpose Competition
Chambering 12 Gauge
Magazine Capacity 3, 4+1
Max Shell Length 2 3/4, 3 in
Barrel Length 30 in
Chokes Includes 5 (F,IM,M,IC,C)
Stock Turkish Walnut
Length Of Pull 14 1/2 in
Barrel Finish Matte Black
Rib 7mm Flat Vent
Overall Length 51 in
Weight 7.3 lbs
MSRP $799.00


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