CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II – .22 LR

  • CZ 75 Kadet Adapter
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The CZ 75 Kadet conversion kit is a separate accessory for the CZ 75/85 pistol series allowing the firing of .22 LR caliber cartridges.

The CZ 75 fitted with the Kadet .22LR conversion is the perfect training or plinking pistol with the slide weighted and balanced just like the CZ 75. The Kadet adapter features all-steel construction and an adjustable rear sight.

Included are 2 10-round magazines that fit flush with grips of the full size CZ 75 and SP-01 models.  The Kadet conversion kit will work on the CZ 75 full-size and compact models including the 75, 85, SP-01, 75 Compact, P-01, P-06,  and PCR, but note that the full-size magazines will extend out of the bottom of the shorter grips on these models. The Kadet conversion will not work on the 97, 75 TS, 2075 RAMI, SP-01 Phantom, P-07 or P-09 models. Pre-B model 75s may or may not function with the Kadet due to differing magwell dimensions.

When used on an aluminum-framed compact model (PCR, P-01 and P-06) as well as the steel-framed Compact .40, a specific slide-stop is required for proper last-round hold-open (part number 0440008002, available at no charge through our parts department). On 85 models, the 85 slide stop must be used but will not enable last-round hold-open.

When used in competition-oriented or modified 75 series pistols like the Shadow, a factory-weight 75 mainspring may be required to provide proper primer ignition.


  1. CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II – .22 LR
  • Product Name CZ 75 Kadet Adapter II – .22 LR
    SKU 01610
    Firearm Type Handgun
    MSRP $431.00
    Chambering .22 Long Rifle
    Magazine Capacity 10
    Magazine Type Single Stack
    Sights Adjustable Three-Dot
    Barrel Cold Hammer Forged
    Barrel Length 4.72
    Weight 1.05 lbs
    Overall Length 8.11 in
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