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CZ 812 Waterfowl

  • cz-usa-cz-812-waterfowl

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Discontinued 2015. Stop passing gas in the duck blind! Introducing CZ-USA’s first semi-automatic to deviate from a gas-operated cycling system, the 812 relies simply on recoil to operate the action. The result is a gun that doesn’t get as dirty, since all the powder residue goes right out the end of the barrel. Clad in waterfowl camouflage, the 812 is right at home in a layout blind or boat and is plugged from the factory to make it legal for migratory birds (easily removed if pursuing other game). An oversized trigger guard makes gloved use easy, and it ships with 5 extended black choke tubes.

Available in 12 gauge with a 3-inch chamber and 28-inch barrel, all in a plastic hardcase.



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