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CZ Southpaw Sterling

  • CZ USA Upland Sterling

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Discontinued 2015, replaced with SKU 06097.

To this point, all of our shotguns have been cast off for right-handed shooters. The Southpaw Sterling is lefty-friendly — about time, right? Cast on for left-handed shooters, it shares most of the other features of the Upland Sterling, but with a more universal 29-inch barrel. Whether it’s breaking clays or downing birds, the Southpaw is ready for the task, operating with the clockwork precision that the Upland Sterling is known for. This gun comes with 5 flush-mount choke tubes, a mechanical trigger and safety with selectable barrels.

Available in 12 gauge with a 3-inch chamber, 29-inch barrels, ejectors, CAST ON stock 1/4 at the heel and 7/16 the at toe, with a regular right-handed top lever latch, all inside a plastic case.


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