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CZ “Western Series” 550 Badlands Magnum — Discontinued 2019

  • CZ USA CZ 550 Badlands


Discontinued 2019. Energy – and a lot of it. It’s a real asset when taking big game like elk and bison at longer distances. Our new Badlands is the ideal rifle for the job. As a hunting round, the .338 Lapua delivers incredible energy at normal ranges, with more than enough to do the job at extended distances. At 800 yards the 300 grain hunting load still carries over 2000 ft/lbs of energy, more than enough for any North American game.

This long range hunting rifle is anchored in a Aramid composite-reinforced stock with a full-length aluminum bedding block. Threaded to the end of the premium 25” medium-weight barrel is a custom muzzle brake that both tames the recoil and directs the blast forward.

Hunting from a distance where elevation adjustments are measured in minutes of angle or milliradians requires a good relationship between hunter and rifle, meaning time behind the trigger is a must. Our goal was to have a high energy hunting rifle that wouldn’t punish the shooter, but still had what it takes to connect when the time comes. The confidence of knowing you own those ‘way out there’ shots, makes everything else just that much better.


  1. CZ “Western Series” 550 Badlands Magnum, .338 Lapua
  • Product Name CZ “Western Series” 550 Badlands Magnum, .338 Lapua
    SKU 04365
    Firearm Type Rifle
    Purpose Hunting
    Chambering .338 Lapua
    Rate Of Twist 1:10 in
    Magazine Capacity 4
    Magazine Type Hinged Floorplate
    Stock Aramid Composite, American-Style
    Length Of Pull 14 in
    Sights No Sights, Integral 19mm Dovetail
    Barrel Premium US-Made, Heavy Sporter, Threaded for Included Brake
    Barrel Length 25 in
    Overall Length 46.5 in
    Weight 9.11 lbs
    Trigger Mech Single Set Trigger
    Safety Two-Position, Push-To-Fire

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