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Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle — Discontinued 2019

  • CZ USA Magnum Express Rifle


Discontinued 2019. Custom built to customer specifications, the Magnum Express Rifle is designed for longer cartridges that require a magnum-length action.

Available in (but not limited to): .338 Lapua, .375 H&H, .404 Jeffery, .416 Rem., .416 Rigby, .450 Rigby, .458 Win. Mag., .458 Lott, .500 Jeffery, .500 Gibbs. Rifles chambered in .505 Gibbs and .500 Jeffery include a mercury recoil reducer installed in the stock.

The Safari Classics line from CZ-USA features the CZ single set trigger system set up to your specifications, matte or gloss blue finish on metal parts, #1 Fancy grade American Walnut stock with dual crossbolts and straight comb, glass bedded to the individual action, and a barrel band sling mount.

There are a number of optional upgrades that you can add at the time you place your order, to include bolt jeweling, muzzle break, ebony forend tip, rust or satin blue finish, weather resistant coating and more.  For more information on available options, contact Triple River Gunsmithing at (660) 438-2004 or by email at tripleriver@embarqmail.com.

CZ 550 embodies aesthetic elegance and ergonomic design. On closer inspection the heart of the machine shows its time honored features.

  • Mauser style claw extractor
  • Square bridge receiver
  • Hammer forged barrel
  • Single set trigger

The CZ 550 has a positive 2-position safety. All CZ 550’s feature a classic square bridge receiver with a 19mm dovetail milled right into the receiver for the mounting of optics. For accuracy and long life these rifles are fitted with hammer forged barrels.


  1. Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle
  • Product Name Safari Classics Magnum Express Rifle
    SKU Various
    Firearm Type Rifle
    Purpose Hunting
    MSRP Price on Request
    Chambering Magnum Length Chamberings
    Magazine Capacity 3-5
    Magazine Type Hinged Floorplate
    Stock Fancy Grade Turkish Walnut
    Length Of Pull To Order
    Sights Express Sights
    Barrel Cold Hammer Forged
    Barrel Length 20-25
    Overall Length 41.5-46.5
    Weight 9-11 lbs.
    Trigger Mech Single Set Trigger
    Safety Two-Position, Push-To-Fire
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