DW Guardian – .45 ACP


An excellent CCW piece, the Guardian is a Bobtail Commander with an alloy frame to lighten things up.

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Product Description

We’ve had many requests to produce a Commander-sized 1911 in 9mm. In response, we’ve revived one of the early Dan Wesson 1911 models with a twist…
We have combined the best features from two of our most popular models, the Bobtail* Commander and the CCO. The new Guardian has an anodized aluminum bobtail frame and an aluminum mainspring housing to help reduce printing when carrying concealed and make it comfortable enough for full-time carry. The Duty Black finished Commander-length slide and alloy frame give it just the right feel and balance. If you are looking for a lightweight Commander-sized 1911 in 9mm, .38 Super or .45 ACP, don’t pass up the Guardian.

New for 2014 is a variant in .38 Super.


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    My wife bought me a DW Guardian for my 70th birthday! (Happy Birthday for sure!!!) It is the most natural pointing pistol I own, and I have several CZ’s. Rapid accurate target acquisition, silky smooth trigger and so easily concealed, For a CCW, it is perfect! Makes me wish I turned 70 again soon!

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    A few years ago I was looking for a commander size 1911. I had shot an Ed Brown at my range and was very impressed with it. When looking for it I ran across a DW Gauardian at the gun store. Its lighter weight appealed to me for CCW. The rest they say is history. After firing the weapon and since (7-8000 rounds)it is by far my favorite 1911 (13 in my safe). The trigger is the best I have ever run on any gun, it’s point on accurate, the slide is like butter and still very tight after all those rounds, and the finish looks as though it has been rarely shot.I would take this weapon to any place any time and feel well armed. As I now own several DW’s I would recommend them to anyone. It’s the Porsche of 1911s at a budget price.

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    This has fast become my favorite! 1911 lovers you have to check one out. Once you do i bet you’ll buy it!

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    When shooting my best friends .45 Guardian at 25yds offhand, I managed 4 shots into a quarter, with the fifth about 1/2″ away.(two handed shooting fast) Best trigger I’ve shot. Beats guns costing $500.to $2000 more…..I bought one 2 days later. Best carry .45 I’ve shot. Shoots as well as most “bullseye” guns and its a combat carry gun. Outstanding

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