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CZ has recently learned of a potential safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles that could potentially result in injury.  You should immediately stop using your CZ 600 rifle.
Click here for next steps and more information.

At CZ, we value our relationship with you and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience, your cooperation, and for choosing CZ. Your safety comes first.

CZ-USA does NOT sell firearms directly to consumers online,
instead selling our products through an Authorized Dealer network as well as to major wholesale distributors that work with all other FFL dealers. Our authorized dealers can be found here. Please use caution when giving personal payment information online.
The following websites are NOT affiliated with CZ-USA.,, 

CZ-USA World-Class Firearms Manufacturer Officially Joins the US Market

January 1998

Company Profile – Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ) has been a leader in firearms manufacturing since its creation in 1936 in Uherský Brod, Czech Republic. CZ·s use of state of the art technology combined with European craftsmanship has gained them worldwide recognition for their incredibly accurate, durable, and dependable line of pistols, centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, over and under shotguns and airguns.
CZ first began by manufacturing military firearms that were used by the Czech Army such as the early CZ 52 and CZ 70 models, and the Czech Army Officers firearm of choice, the VZ 58 machine gun, which are still used today. CZ equips some of the best military units in the world, like the US Special Forces who depend upon the VZ 61 Scorpion submachine gun to protect them. Many police officers who are able to choose their own sidearms for duty use also choose CZ.
Hunting and sporting arms also grew to be an important part of CZ·s production, with centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, and over and under shotguns that possessed high public appeal. Even though a certain percentage of the factory·s production capacity was increased by producing aircraft engine gear boxes and power hydraulics during the 70·s and 80·s, firearms have remained CZ·s primary focus.
Known for out-of-the box performance, CZ firearms have received quite a bit of attention from the sport shooting community. Team CZ-USA·s Ted Bonnet won the stock class of the American Handgunner World Shootoff in 1996 using a CZ 75 demonstrating its accuracy. Recently, he took home the IDPA category title at the Steel Challenge in 1998.

CZ has always invested in quality equipment and the latest technology in order to produce state of the art firearms. CZ employs 2,500 people in their immense Czech Republic manufacturing facility which fills over 25 buildings with equipment for precision shearing, cold forging, shielded welding, and electro-spark machining. Productivity and consistent accuracy are also increased by the use of a multi-spindle CNC machining center.
Metallurgical operations involved in manufacturing CZ firearms include heat treatment and surface finishing. Automated and computer-controlled equipment is used for hardening, tempering, refining, carburizing, and nitriding the firearms, as well as techniques for polishing, blueing (blackening), polycoating, phosphating, chrome plating, and nickel coating. CZ also has its own precision casting foundry, based upon the lost wax method.
Stock machining and surface finishing takes place on location at the facility, as do all of the firearms testing. Since 1997, the quality control system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
Primarily an export oriented company, CZ regularly exports 90% of its production to over 80 countries in five continents. Entering the U.S. market in 1990 through distributors, CZ·s presence in the United States was felt even though there was little organized effort. Realizing the potential the of the US firearms market, CZ opened the first US affiliate appropriately named CZ-USA in Kansas City, Kansas in January of 1998.
With a full sales and warranty department, CZ-USA is equipped to assist dealers and distributors across the country with personalized service. Another benefit of the new location to CZ·s American customers is their on-site certified gunsmith. From simple maintenance to extensive repair, this service provides quicker turn-around time and avoids overseas shipping costs for US customers.
As CZ-USA begins a new chapter in CZ·s rich history, they look forward to establishing CZ firearms as a leader in the US market, as they are in other parts of the world. CZ·s use of state of the art technology combined with European craftsmanship has created an exceptional product that will perform against any competition, and they expect that their excellent customer service will set them apart from the rest.

8 Responses

  1. I am currently considering a cz p 07 as my next pistol the decock only double single action on the p 07 is my preference and cz is one of only a few that offer this in the US market anymore.This coupled with cz’s reputationhas put the p 07 at the top 0f my list.It is the only mid sized pistol I have found that has all the features I am looking for.I wish it was a couple ounces lighter but that is the price you pay for this design.

  2. I purchased a new CZ75B Omega convertible a few months ago. All of the good things people say about this gun are absolutely true. Mine is marked on it’s plastic carry box as having a 4.7″ barrel, which I found unusual as every on line spec sheet shows it as having a 4.6″ barrel. Either way, I am in love with the way the gun looks, feels and performs.

  3. Purchased a Supreme Field 20 ga. that was defective out of the box. It should have never left the factory. Sent it back to CZ for repairs and allegedly it was repaired. CZ returned the shotgun via FedEx who gave me the wrong delivery date, and it was sent back to CZ.

    Since Dec. 7th I have been told it was being returned to me, to a dealer, still awaiting shipment etc. I have spoken with 5 customer service people. All of which say it will be returned when they process it, when they have time, or we’re too busy and short staffed now, it’s snowing, or we are closing for Christmas for a week.
    This is the most difficult unorganized company I have ever delt with. Never again will I purchase a CZ firearm. It’s now January 25, almost 6 weeks and they have not returned my gun. Beautyful shotgun, unacceptable service, still waiting…..

  4. I ordered a Colt .45 Defender through an FFL last summer, paid full price and just contacted them regarding a manufacturing date……. They don’t have anything lined up for the near future. I understand the change in ownership, but production should not have been affected. I am seriously disappointed with what has transpired. I cancelled my order absolutely disgusted at this point. I’ve owned multiple 1911 .45 full sized platforms even utilizing them during my 23 years in Army Aviation flying helicopters. This has turned into a sad situation. What direction should I go in to acquire a Defender? Can you help a long time owner. Thank you

  5. I’m hoping that cz will improve the quality of Colt as they have with there line and dan wesson. Just bought a gold cup national match and a two town competition model colts both are loose in the back end and both have safety that are spongy and loose. Didnt want to send them back and do not want to deal with them. They have a history of not being very good to deal with. Have a old gi model springfield that has a better fit than they do. Will be a long time before I ever buy a new colt again.

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