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Built specifically for ATA shooters who compete in both trap singles and doubles and want one gun to do it all, the All-American Trap Combo is the tool for the game! It ships with two barrel sets — one a single-shot ‘un-single’ with a dial-adjustable aluminum rib (adjustable from 50/50 up to 90/10 point of impact), the other a standard set of barrels with stepped rib (50/50 point of impact).

Both barrel sets clock in at 32″, with lengthened forcing cones (extended 1.6″ and at a 2.2 degrees) and ports to reduce felt recoil. A set of extended, knurled chokes give a wide variety of constriction options (2 CYL, 2 IC, 3 MOD, 3 FULL and 1 EXTRA FULL, REM-CHOKE Thread Pattern).

To ward off corrosion, the CNC-milled action is surface hardened, resulting in a beautiful white metal finish that resembles brushed stainless. The inner workings resemble those on shotguns much higher in price, with firing pins that ride in bushings and drop-in parts for once the round counts start to climb. Intended to be used heavily by the regular competitor, multiple sizes of locking blocks are available and hinge pins are replaceable, making it easy to freshen the gun up after heavy use.

The barrels are not selectable, instead always firing bottom barrel first. It has a reliable mechanical trigger and manual safety, so that the gun does exactly what you want it to when you tell it to do it.

With a parallel adjustable comb, healthy right-hand palm swell and Monte Carlo stock, the All-American Trap Combo also has adjustable butt plate hardware. With this comes the ability to adjust the length of pull from 14 5/8″ to 15 1/2″ and give the recoil pad toe-in or toe-out. A dovetailed trigger blade gives 3/8″ of adjustment on the reach to the trigger shoe.

All of these features combined make the All-American Trap Combo an incredible gun for the money. At a fraction the price of its competition, this versatile gun is easy to tune to an individual shooter, allowing them to be more comfortable behind the gun and break more clays.

To top it all off, this gun is shipped in a custom zip-up suede case built to safely transport the two-barrel set gun.



  1. CZ All-American Trap Combo 12 Gauge, 32″ Barrels
  • Product Name CZ All-American Trap Combo 12 Gauge, 32″ Barrels
    SKU 06582
    Firearm Type Shotgun
    Purpose Competition
    MSRP $3,471.00
    Chambering 12 Gauge
    Max Shell Length 3 in
    Barrel Length 32
    Chokes 2 CYL, 2 IC, 3 MOD, 3 FULL, 1 X-FULL
    Stock Turkish Walnut with Adjustable Comb
    Length Of Pull 14 5/8 to 15 1/2 in
    Forend Style Target
    Receiver Finish Hardened in the White
    Barrel Finish Gloss Blue
    Ejector Extractor Ejectors
    Rib Adjustable Aluminum/Raised Steel
    Overall Length 50.5 in
    Weight 8.5 lbs
    Comb 1 3/4 in, Adjustable
    Heel 2 1/2 in
    Trigger Mech Mechanical, Bottom Barrel First
    Safety Manual Tang Safety
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